Monday Madness, No. 126


Monday Madness No 126 |

It’s time to share my favorite online reads from the past few weeks plus a few great ones I just discovered today. So if you’re in for a few great reads, some travel inspiration and summer vibes, read on…


WHAT MUSIC DO YOU PLAY FOR YOUR KIDS? A lovely read on early music education…


• Visual travel diaries of PORTUGAL and ICELAND. Sigh.


METALLIC SANDALS to die for. I just got rosé metallic ones for summer ♥




• How to redefine yourself: AN ILL-FITTING DRESS is the best essay I’ve read in a long time. Thumbs up.


MAGICAL QUOTES from Alice in Wonderland. Too cute.


• A SAN FRANCISCO HOME TOUR I can’t stop staring at. Too good!


• The only COMMENCEMENT SPEECH I wanted to hear! Just read.



Happy Monday!



(Image via Britta Nickel)




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  1. That coffee picture is making me drool! Sadly I can’t have coffee anymore because it gives me an upset stomach. So sad! I haven’t had coffee in two years now. :(

    Thanks for including my link! :)

    1. Oh no! I switch to cold-brew coffee during summer which is very mild and less acidic. Sometimes, I heard, it’s also the milk you’re having it with. I switched to soy milk yonks ago and I think it enhances the flavor but since I try to get off soy, I experiment with different nut milks as well. Ah, coffee :)