Monday Madness, No. 125


Monday Madness, No. 125 |

Even though I have been absent for a bit, I was collecting must-reads to share with you today. I love when I come around a funny or interesting read on the web, since it’s sometimes the only few minutes I get to unwind and actually read (don’t ask me about my ever-growing book tower that’s been neglected for far too long). Don’t you?


So let me know what I missed and feel free to share links in the comments below. Happy Monday!


Now, links:


Difficult Women. On TV and female anti-heroes.


Like Bad Boys? Thanks, Jordan Catalano. Seriously, thank you ♥


• Drool-worthy Lemon Berry Cobbler and Iced Coconut and Lavender Latte. Yay!


• The Struggles of a Modern Woman comic-style. Hilarious!


How I learned to say NO! Must read.


• If you’re as crazy about Banana Leaf Print as I am. ‘Nuff said.


• Say hello to spring with this Creamsicle Manicure. Too cute!


• And, Prince



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