Monday Madness, No. 124


Monday Madness, No. 124 |

Come on, Martie! Get it together! I am writing this intro for the fourth time and it doesn´t turn out as I want it to. I guess some things can´t be forced, right?! Honestly, my mind is just busy with the bazillion things I need to get in order before my trip to Prague this weekend. And in true Martie-fashion, everything is super last minute. Will I ever learn to plan in advance? Not this time! More on the trip later.


Now, links.


Dear Monday… a different kind of love letter you must read :)


Brunch, Work, Date Night – Ashley Graham knows what´s up and how to dress! That´s a huge girl crush right there! ♥


Romantic Rooftop Gardens -insert heart-eyed-emoji-. Can´t decide which one is best!


• Wanderlusty but on a budget? Check out these 10 Countries To Travel To Next. ´Nuff said.


• Mandi knows how to motivate the sh*t out of you: Just Kick The Ball! Go, girl!


• Listen up! Judge Judy Gives The Best Love Advice. So true!


• What´s for dinner? Maybe, Aubergine Daal? Thumbs up!


• How to make an Origami Darth Vader, because why not?! :)




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