Monday Madness, No. 120


Monday Madness No. 120 | Spunkyrella

Looking out the window, it´s stormy and rainy and not so typical how I recall the last day of November last year. But as you know by now, I am rolling with the punches and prefer moody clouds over unbearable humidity.


This week I like to share a few new favorites of mine with you in terms of beauty, books and such, before we´re diving into the second round of Spunkyrella Holiday Gift Guides! I had so much fun putting them together last year with eclectic gifts from special Etsy shops and true favorites of mine, and I hope you like what I´ve been cooking up this year.


But now, pour yourself a cup of coffee, add a pinch of cinnamon and let´s dive into my holy grail of fave reads:


• An amazing video on Not liking one´s looks.


Apple Pecan Arugula Salad that´s perfect for winter. Can´t get enough!


Jess and Kelly´s Winter Guide is amazingly detailed! They thought of everyone. I especially love the boots (and the pup)!


• Would you start a Gratitude Journal? Hm…


• To the woman about to Travel the World Alone


• A case for Tufted Sofas. Thumbs up!


• The best Free Calendars for 2016. As usual: Cocorrina to the rescue :)


How To Read More – an excellent guide from my bookish Sara. Read this and you´re golden!


• Still can´t get over this perfect Blue Dress and those disco platforms. Swoon.


• And Homemade Hazelnut Spread. Take this, Nutella.



Have a great week!



(Image via Chantal Li)




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