Monday Madness, No. 119


Monday Madness, No. 119 |

When it´s a Monday and a national holiday combined, it´s a winner, no matter what! So, I had all the coffee and almost exclusively stayed in my pj´s. A little beauty pampering at home and finally watching Jurassic World made this day perfect!



In the mood for a little Monday Madness? Thought so…



What makes a great travel partner? So true.


Learning to say NO. Must read!


12 Chic Ponchos for Fall. #7 is my fave.


Laptop Sleeves with a message thanks to KV´s Design Studio. If only I could decide on ONE!


8 Things Bill Murray can teach you about living an amazing life. Thumbs up.


• What happens if you try to lose a guy in 10 days? This!


25 Facts on Amy Schumer :)


• And a cocktail called Peach Shrub. I´ll take two!



How did your Monday treat you so far?




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    1. It´s such a good read! I read another one recently (in German) that said when you can´t say NO, you should at least learn to say YES to things you really really long to to! Not so bad either, right?!