Monday Madness, No. 118


Monday Madness No. 118 |

While I can´t wait for the premiere of The Walking Dead, Season 6 to happen tonight – we´re sadly 24h late, so please no spoilers – I still like to make up for the silent week and share my fave links with you right now. Deal? A fresh serving of Monday Madness is coming your way….


Becoming more independent. Spot on post from Kate La Vie (formerly known as gh0stparties). Thumbs up!


The Warsaw Coffee Company makes me want to hop on a plane to go to Ft. Lauderdale RIGHT NOW! Is that weird? *she asks knowingly* :)


Indonesia has been on my wanderlust list forever and this post only ranks it up higher! #travelbug


Cold and runny eggs are a deal breaker. Ha!


Going solo vs traveling with friends rings absolutely true. Love both and couldn´t decide!


Matcha Oreos. ´Nuff said.


• Can´t get this Japanese Camellia Cream out of my head since I got a whiff of it. I might have to get it, it´s divine! Sigh.


•….because, Stevie Wonder! *insert praise emoji*


(Image via I Have This Thing With Floors)




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  1. I of course love the idea of traveling with friends because you share memories and can talk about what you experienced together and you have someone with you to take pictures, but I’ve always wanted to travel alone in order to do what I want when I want. I went to Pittsburgh in May to visit friends, but really I was traveling solo and it was wonderful! One of my favorite moments was when I was walking around the Carnegie Museum for three hours on my own. I got to take my time and stop to admire artwork for however long I wanted. It was soooo relaxing!

    1. I guess you´re right, Sara. I wouldn´t stop traveling alone at all though it´s been a while, but for this trip it was just amazing meeting my friend and showing her around my home turf :)