Monday Madness, No. 117


Monday Madness 117 |

Silly me thought I won´t have noteworthy links to share with you just one Monday later, but here we are again and I hope you´re looking forward to be happily clicking away today!


Yes, I enjoyed this cozy fall weekend to the fullest, had eggplant mini pizzas and the whole shebang. Throw in a face mask and foot soak on Sunday and we´re talking. It was pure bliss!



Have a great Monday! Now, links:


• She calls it #DREAMCREATEDO, I call it #Girlboss!


• You say Pumpkin Brûlée French Toast, I say YES!


• Get to know SJP. You know you want to.


73 Questions with Lupita Nyong´o are not nearly enough, if you ask me!


Breakfast: Morning, Noon & Night. Sounds good to me! You in?


• Understanding Ryan Adams´ 1989 and then some. Gotta love him for that.


The Art of Motherf*ckitude! Hell yeah, Cheryl Strayed.


Nicolette Mason´s L.A. Home Makeover is here to drop jaws….


• … while this Apartment Make-under is just all kinds of… witch craft, maybe? Love it!




What have I missed? Let me know below!




(Image courtesy of Meg White)




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  1. I could eat breakfast at any time of day!! Which is why I love that Dunkin Donuts serves breakfast foods all day long! #noshame