Monday Madness



Today is a holiday in good old Austria (unless you´re working in retail, then you´re swamped in work) and I plan on drinking all the coffee, browsing the internet back and forth and even take advantage of a sale or two. Ah, dolce farniente :)


Are you already in the mood for Christmas? I don´t know why but the last couple of years it all happens too fast for me – I could need another month. I usually get all festive around New Year´s when the actual holiday is long passed. Well, there´s that.


Enough of the rambling, you´re here for links and that´s what you get. Have fun!


MARSALA – PANTONE´s COLOR OF 2015 is a bit underwhelming to me. Thoughts?




• These BEETROOT CRÉPES will save your day. Promised.


INSPIRED BY: WINTER FUN. The perfect look for any winter activity you can possibly think of. Thumbs up!


• Whoaaa, there´s a SECRET TRAIN CAR RESTAURANT in Bloomingdale´s! Mind blown.


• What the MORNING ROUTINE OF 12 WOMEN LEADERS look like. Must read. (Thanks, Bobbi!)


• A ROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL that´ll make your jaw drop. Seriously!


• And SEÑOR CEVICHE is another one on my must-eat-there London list. Yum.



>> Write it, shoot it, publish it, crochet it, sauté it. Whatever. Make. <<

– Joss Whedon




(Image via Britta Nickel)


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  1. Did you know that color trends are decided over a year in advance for every season. They do this so that stores and designers can be prepared. I knew it would be a dark color this year, but yea I am not feeling it. This color reminds me of my grandmother.

    1. I know, it´s just not a very lively color. I hoped for a bright blue or greenish shade. FatMumSlim said it brings back childhood memories when painting and all the watercolors got mixed together – the outcome is now what they dub as “Marsala” :)

  2. I’m all for marsala – I think it’s great! Especially because it is a great wine color! :)
    That train car!!! Bloomie’s is full of surprises I’m not shocked that it’s just something you’d stumble upon after getting lost.

    1. A bold bordeaux red would be awesome – Marsala looks like the washed out version of it though :-/

  3. At first I saw Marsala and wasn’t over the moon about the color, but it’s starting to grow on me. I think it will be a good beauty color. Thanks for linking to me! :)

    1. Maybe I need to give it more time. It might work for make-up but I don´t think I could pull off a marsala-colored sweater.