Monday Madness



And just like that it was March. After over a month of being sick and exhausted quite frankly, those first rays of sunshine and almost spring-like temperatures in the city are more than welcome! I whipped up some exciting new projects for this very blog though and can´t wait to share them with you very soon. Promised.


For now, I owe you some links, I believe. Happy Monday! Make it a good one :)



• 7 Steps to LIVING A BILL MURRAY LIFE. Spot on!


• How to find POSITIVE NEWS IN A NEGATIVE WORLD. Exactly what I needed.


IT´S OKAY TO SAY NO! So true and a must read.


• The 20 most instagrammed DISHES IN NYC. Yum.


• A DIY PINNED WORLD MAP and it´s gold!!


• These photos of PARIS remind me so much of my Sunday morning walks through Vienna….




• This MATCHA CAKE obviously has to happen for my birthday this year! ´Nuff said.


• Lauren Cohan aka Maggie from The Walking Dead LOOKS SO DIFFERENT in nice clothes and, uhm, clean. Ha!


• Whatever is good for the soul – do that. And more FREE DESKTOP WALLPAPERS you´ll love.


• Everyone is an EXPERT! Really?


• Our beloved Sex and the City characters ON TINDER :)


• Oh, and some EMOJI COASTERS. You´re welcome.


Think left and think right and think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

– (Happy Birthday) Dr. Seuss


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