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Mixtape 23 | Making Waves - Spunkyrella.com

There are tunes that come to you when you least expect them to. I am a firm believer in music curing the soul and for the last week this has been tried and tested like never before. Making Waves is exactly the mixtape I needed to create this month, the one I needed to listen to on repeat and the one I need to share with you right now. To me, it’s deeply personal.


I obviously love all of my Sunday Mixtapes. They are my babies for sure. This one though is different. Lucky number 23 stood by me in the darkest of times, kicked my ass back into beast-mode and helped me crawl up from that deep dark hole. It sure taught me to hang in there and get through it. Maybe it’ll help you who is reading this, too?





Have a great Sunday 



(Image by Mike Seehagel)







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