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Mixtape 22 | Young Folks - Spunkyrella.com

This week, as the bathroom renovations were going on, I tried to soak up as much sun as I could on the patio between cleaning breaks. I hummed along to past Sunday Mixtapes and my favorite tunes on shuffle. Suddently Young Folks came up and severe flashbacks were happening right there on the sun-drenched patio…


A few years back, I spent nearly a year in New York City, residing in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood close to Prospect Park. Living in a German-American household with a music writer on hand, made me appreciate my love for indie music even more. New CD’s were mailed in daily and I was asked about my opinion a lot, which was so exciting for a rookie music aficionado like me.


That way, I was introduced to artists like Citizen Cope, The Weepies and also Peter Bjorn and John, and can’t listen to their tunes without feeling instantly brought back to the good old Brooklyn days. So, I was standing there on my patio, the messy bathroom was calling my name for cleaning round number two, when Young Folks came on. It was glorious. I had it on loop the whole afternoon and cleaned the place like a beast. And as the sun set, we had another epic coral pink sky moment. The third one that week…


I mixed that Spring tune from my Brooklyn days with current releases and initially wanted to name this mixtape Smells like Spring, when I realized, there’s only one title that would do it justice…





Have a great Sunday 








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