Messy Naked Cakes and memories


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Growing up I loved my granny´s pastries. Her sponge cake smelled heavenly while baking in the oven and it stayed moist and fluffy for days. Her cream fillings were silky smooth and her homemade apricot jam never failed to leave this tangy feeling on my tongue. Her baked goods were extra special to me and so was she. 

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I never liked overly sweet glaze or icing though, so she always served Messy Naked Cakes for my birthdays and other family gatherings. Nicely stacked layers of cake and cream not overly neat and topped with colorful berries. Yum.

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I attended several cooking classes in highschool and I mastered every difficult recipe you could possibly think of. My batters, sponge cakes, creams and overall baking skills developed quickly but I always failed when it came to icing – or ganache and fondant as our teacher called it. Simple shiny glaze gave me nightmares. I remember my grandma picked me up from school once and talked to my teacher.
She couldn´t believe I won´t get straight A´s just because of the stupid glaze. She even brought her own cake without glaze to proof my teacher wrong. My granny was not a woman who accepted a no easily.
Still my teacher insisted a cake without glaze is not a proper cake. My baking was the best as everyone claimed but you´d never get a properly glazed cake from me.

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This didn´t change to this very day. Grandma passed away three years ago but I am sure she would have approved of the Messy Cake and Naked Cake trend right now. I can almost hear her saying we should call my former teacher to tell her: We told you so! :)

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(Photos from top via Margin Notes, What Katie Ate, Donal Skehan, Call Me Cupcake, Rustic Wedding Chic, Catch My Party)


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  1. Oh, I guarantee this teacher is eating her words right now. Hopefully she’s on Pinterest and HOPEFULLY it’s in her face all of the time…
    Not to be mean or anything. Of course! :)

    But seriously, I completely understand this. I miss my grandmother very much and there are so many food related things which she did far superior to anyone else…

  2. Martie, I see you have a lot in common with your grandmother, strong, creative, beautiful and very special. I am sure she is smiling down on you at this very moment!

  3. Aww..that is such a sweet story:) Oh boy, grandmas really are wonderful, aren’t they? Btw: I’m also not really into icing. I like them simple and yummy. Have a restful evening, lovely.