May Goals and Current Vibes


May Goals and Current Vibes |

Another month flew by, another post coming to you straight from my couch. I feel like I got a good grip on that nasty flu and will be fine in just a few more days. And then it’s officially birthday month! Though my actual birthday isn’t before May 25th, I like to celebrate in true #Maybaby fashion every year. Because why not? Here’s what else I am up to this month…


Life after Whole30

As you know I did the Whole 30 in April and all in all I really liked it. I am sure my higher stress level during that time didn’t help and is partly responsible I came down with the flu in the end, but every big change comes with its side effects. Right?! So, I plan on continuing the prepping and cooking that saved me serious cash and also took the dread out of the daily lunch question. I plan on taking you along for the ride and share my favorite recipes that follow the basic paleo guidelines and are gluten-free and dairy-free for those who like to give it a try as well.


Operation New Bed

For my birthday this year, I want to treat myself to a new bed. When I moved almost a year ago, I thought I would go for a Boxspring bed since they are so popular right now and you can find different styles that suit different tastes, but as it turns out, I don’t really care so much for a bulky bed. I like a wooden frame and a great mattress and new sheets. We’ll see if it’s happening in time for my birthday. I actually prepared a new bedroom inspiration post that I’ll be sharing later this week. Stay tuned!


Behind the scenes

Since I registered Spunkyrella as a business, I’ve been struggling with formal stuff and taxes. Blogging isn’t a proper thing here in Austria, at least business-wise, so finding someone to help me out on how to do this right has been tough. And there are literally so many different opinions on what is right and wrong. It’s exhausting! This month, I plan on finally tackling that beast and finish my tax report before my birthday arrives. Also, if you happen to be Austrian and are or know a great tax accountant – let me know!


(Work) Trip in Fall

Since I was sick and had to cancel my trip to Berlin to attend The Hive, I plan on going on a trip later this year and maybe combine it with another professional gathering for creatives and bloggers if possible. I like to challenge myself and learn new things and would love to do so in a new city. If you happen to know anything that might be up my alley, let me know!



What are you up to this month? Are you a #Maybaby, too?



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