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March Goals I Spunkyrella.com

Even though we´re technically already one week in, it´s never too late for all things Spring and March goals. Right? Right!


Since you seemed to enjoy my FEBRUARY GOALS, I thought why not keep you updated?! And I am proud to tell you I successfully tackled all of my goals *Pats herself on back*  I took the right steps to feeling better in the long run, I started to work out more regularly and already feel sore for a whole week straight it seems. I finally caved and cleaned out that monster of a closet that held clothes but also a juicer and broken household items… Weird, I know. But if anything it gave me a nice kick in the butt to start fresh this Spring.


GET MY READ ON  I had to put my next Amazon purchase on hold because, books and books and even more books! There are so many waiting for me to read them already. The Girl On The Train is still residing on my nightstand untouched. This really has to end and I want to make reading – and finishing books – a priority this month. And reward myself with new books of course!


CLEANING FOR SPRING  Speaking of books. Every year around this time, I grab my trusty copy of Karen Kingston´s Clear Your Clutter. Only a few pages in, I want to purge my bits and bobs and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that just happened to find it´s way into my home over the last year. I know everyone´s raving about the KonMari method right now. I read it and somewhat liked it, but  the holy grail of clutter clearing is Kingston´s book. It´s much more relatable to me and a true winner. Spring cleaning will be such a success, I know it!


A TRIP TO PRAGUE  This Friday I am hopping the train to Prague, where I not only meet one of my favorite people ever, but also look forward to roam the city, enjoy quality time with my friend but also some me-time. EXPLORE was my ultimate goal/word for this year and I am so psyched to finally get to it!


ENJOY TO BE PART OF THE TAMILY AGAIN  A few years ago, I ordered Tracy Anderson´s Metamorphosis workout and enjoyed the community – the so-called TAMILY that came with it. A huge motivator and circle of like-minded women and hustlers. That program is hard and does things to your body you would have never imagined. I lost 33 lbs (15 kg) at that time but wasn´t prepared for the aftermath that happened after my knee injury. After I started working out again, I couldn´t help myself and started Transform 1, last Sunday. I sweat, I groaned, I am still inredibly sore but also feel so much better right now! Miss T did it again and I am hooked!


PUTTING MYSELF FIRST  This is such a mundane goal but also something I need to remind myself of. The last couple of weeks, I filled in for a coworker, helped lil sis with her thesis, packed ship with a friend who´s moving this month,… All of this and all the little daily bits and bobs can really get to you. They did get to me at least! So taking time just for me – a Friday night TV binge session, an early morning walk, extra reading time,… – is going to happen even more this month!



What are your March goals?




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  1. I feel you on the books thing! I have so many unread books right now! I have a few books coming in a few months that I preordered, so I want to read as many of my unread books before that! *runs to go read books*
    Good luck with your goals this month!

    1. Wow, knowing that the next load is coming would put me in so much stress, ha! But I also have an ever-growing need-to-read list! Maybe I am going to share some soon…