March Goals And Current Vibes


March Goals And Current Vibes |

Hello March! So nice to have you back. Well, this post was supposed to happen yesterday, but what can I tell you?! The sun is back on the patio and I was just too busy soaking up all the Vitamin D I can get #sorrynotsorry.


So while the chicken-veggie-broth is cooking – I believe having a cup of it every day kept me flu-free so far – as I am typing this, I feel so happy to be off work for the next week. The job has been draining me lately. My input isn’t being heard as it was before with the changes made and it’s getting frustrating. There’s so much energy I want to invest but it seems like my days are counted there and I am better off putting the work into my own business. That being said, let’s see what we’re up to this month…


The Bathroom Renovation

The main reason, I am off work next week, is the 5-day-bathroom renovation that’s going on. It’s no easy task to coordinate plumbers, paviors and other craftspeople and I hope we will stick to the schedule. Also I am not really looking forward to not having a shower for 5 days but I am grateful for friends who live nearby and let me use theirs. Still, it’s weird. I can’t wait to talk to you again next Saturday, emerging from my brand-new shower, when it’s all done. Sounds like pure bliss to me!


A Smoothie a day

In an effort to use my free week to also declutter and clean and plan the missing furniture and shelves and whatnot around the Spunkyrella HQ, I also got to re-read Simple Green Smoothies. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I have a brandnew Vitamix sitting on my shelf that I’ve never used thus far… I know! So I loaded up on fresh veg, fruit and herbs today at the market and want to start including one smoothie a day. I haven’t really put an emphasis on nutrition this last month and want to upgrade my food game. This is a start, I think! If you’re interested I am happy to keep you posted on this.


Behind the Scenes

I also want to dedicate March to put my thinking cap on and educate myself on many things blog-related. I finally signed up for Photoshop/Lightroom and want to master or at least get a grip on understanding my camera and start putting an emphasis on my photos for Spunkyrella. Skillshare is also something I just recently discovered, and I enjoy their short video tutorials on anything and everything really. I can feel easily overwhelmed and hate it when technical bugs appear. This month I want to prioritize on these things and make stuff happen!


Sweat is my fairy dust

Oh well, that’s my favorite quote ever about working out but the execution lacked so far. One of my February Goals was to start and successfully finish the 30 Days Of Yoga challenge with Adriene. Well, I did start but didn’t get to it daily and eventually stopped altogether. One challenge a month was more than enough. I love her videos though, so I want to find a way to include them into my routine and really plan out my workouts for the week. I am all about HIIT right now and like to give it my all even though I end up incredibly sore the next day. No pain, no gain.


in other news

March is Women’s History Month in the US but I think it should be acknowledged internationally all year. The #28DaysOfBlogging challenge made me realize that I want to put an emphasis on female empowerment here on Spunkyrella and I am looking forward to continue doing so.


And a big THANK YOU to everyone who made Work Trips + Road Trips happen! It was funded just before the campaign ended. It feels like it’s my very own project since I happen to believe so deeply in this book. For women from women! It’s gonna be epic 



What are your plans for March?



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    1. I am! I am just unpatient by nature and feel like “aren’t we done already” :) It is nice but since there’s a lot of cleaning required, it’s not as recreational as it might sound, ha!