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Make It Count February Goals |

And just like that, it´s February. The crazy time at work is finally over and I can now delve into all of the New Year, New Me shenanigans, you´re probably already tired of. But hey, I told you February is my January!


So, besides signing up for the #29DaysOfBlogging challenge, there are a few things, I´d like to tackle this month. Ready?



FEELING BETTER  I am at this point in my life where I know I have to make realistic long-term changes to feel better for many more years to come. Ever since my Hashimoto´s diagnosis and the whole battle around it, relying on the meds alone was far too convenient. Taking them for nearly two years now, only showed me that they don´t do anything for me really other than making me feel okay-ish. Not great, not better, just so-so. I decided to change that and take the holistic route to improve my thyroid, to make informed decisions and long-term changes and hopefully I will be able to get rid of the meds once and for all.


MOVEMENT  Since my apartment is located smack in the middle of the city, I literally walk everywhere. I easily rack up 10.000 steps each day without blinking and I like that. Still, getting sweaty and actually working out is on my agenda for quite some time now, but you know how this works – there´s always an excuse why this and that cannot happen. I already planned out little workout sessions here and there like I would plan a brunch date I´m looking forward to. It´s happening!


GETTING SOCIAL AGAIN  During winter, I tend to become a hermit of sorts. I go to work and back home again and as soon as the pants are off and the snuggly robe is on, I don´t care for any activities outside of my cozy flat. True story. Even my grandma was more active in her late years, than I am now. It´s embarrassing really, but well. This week is lil sis´ big birthday and we intend to celebrate the heck out of it. I took a few days off work and plan to see friends for brunch (of course!) and just mingle. Good times!


CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET  This giant beast is the first thing I look at every morning and the last thing I take a glimpse of every night. My huge wardrobe. The problem is that I don´t even have that many clothes, but since storage space is rare, it houses pretty much everything. I tip-toed around it for far too long. This month, the beast will go down!


MAKE MY TIME WORK FOR ME  I used to be quite efficient when it comes to tackle my to-do-lists but within the last year or so, procrastination took the best of me. I am so overwhelmed with tasks that I tend to do them all at once only to crash and burn or sometimes succeed for a minute only to feel bruised and battered for a couple of days unable to tackle on more thing. That´s mentally and physically draining and not fun at all. That´s gotta stop. I want to find a technique that helps me focus, use my time more efficiently and get sh*t done!



What are your February goals?



// If you want to join the #29DaysOfBlogging challenge or find out who´s on the boat, check out Nia´s blog today!



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  1. Thos are great goals and I’m positive you will reach them all! I’m looking forward to more of your blogposts this February! I like your Blog a lot!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I’m so excited to see these wonderful goals!!! I’m cheering you on from Chicago!

  3. I’m one of the fellow campaigners in the challenge and I like this a lot.
    Greetings to Vienna. It’s one of my favorite places to live.