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It’s time for a little life update. I have this weird superstition to not talk about news until they are 100 % certain. When I first got to take a look at this apartment I was so anxious that I wouldn’t get it, that I didn’t tell anyone for days. You know, just in case I’d jinx it!


The day I signed the pre-lease, I had to pinch myself but still couldn’t relax. For whatever reason I felt like this could still be taken away from me. So much luck for one person is pure waste, I believed. Nearly two weeks ago, I signed the permanent lease and stared at the keys in my hands for what felt like hours. I planned on spilling the news right then and there but then everything happened so fast, I could hardly catch up.


Yes, I am in the midst of moving! And if you’re a long time reader of this space, you know how much I suffered living in my current apartment with those crazy upstairs neighbors. There were nights, so bad, I could only sit in bed crying because they wouldn’t shut up and there was nothing the police or the landlord could do. To say it was frustrating would be an understatement.


Still, apartment hunting in Vienna is crushing. I guess that applies to every larger city, doesn’t it? The places I liked where stupidly overpriced and the ones I thought I could afford were dark and dreary and just didn’t feel right. I knew the moment I’d walk into an apartment if it’s for me or not. At the beginning of the year I said to myself that 2016 is the year I am going to move and after seeing a few dump holes, I was devastated and about to hit the pause button yet again.


Then all of a sudden someone I knew from work called and insisted that I take a look at a place since it seemed to tick all of my boxes, which, to be honest, haven’t been that many all along. I hesitated at first since the rent was more than what I wanted to pay. Still, I knew I could afford it, I liked the floor map a lot and the area and district are exactly where I imagined myself living one day. So we agreed to meet the very next morning. The moment I walked in, I felt like I could breathe again. It was beyond relieving! For the first few minutes I could only stare in disbelief and inhale the great energy little by little.


The place is flooded with light. It’s the top apartment of the building, no pitched roofs and has thermal insulation which should make summers there more bearable than in my current place. The living room area has a window wall as you can see in the sneak peek above. I can see the sky and the stars from my bed.


The downright icing on the cake is the terrace, though! I am still undecided if it’s a terrace or patio or balcony but it’s nearly 13 square meters of outdoor space that is accessible from the kitchen and from the bathroom by two cute French doors. The courtyard it overlooks is green with lots of trees and plants and very calm. On the opposite side, the windows overlook the city, the park and playground and lots of city roofs and the sky. Just the way I like it! The whole building and area is very relaxed and feels airy and just so much healthier than the area I lived in for the last 8 plus years.


Going through hard times really does pay off. Ever since I signed the lease everything seems to fall into place with only very small setbacks here and there. The first thing I did was hiring someone to paint the whole place white. Like bright white and not so yellow white like it was already painted. That alone made a huge difference! Then I went on several trips to IKEA to plan a kitchen exactly how I like it (- if you’re an international reader reading this: apartments in Austria usually don’t come with a pre-installed kitchen and appliances). It’s white with lots of oak wood. I got to plan and order my huge wardrobe and couch and other little knick knacks. It all got delivered and I had various helpers here and there to set up the place little by little.


As I am typing this I am waiting for a ride to bring my clothes to the new place. I will spend the day there, finishing the wardrobe, sorting everything and cleaning the bathroom. The new washing machine will be delivered this afternoon, IKEA is coming by to exchange a wardrobe door that was delivered broken and the painter is stopping by to paint a few areas where the yellow hue is still shining through.


I nearly sold all of my old furniture online which worked amazingly well. And for the few things I am bringing with me, like the bed, the dresser and the fridge, I hired movers for Friday who will help carry all of that and a few left boxes to the top floor. I plan on spending my first night in the new place this Friday and officially return the keys to the old place on June 1st and never look back.


The new Spunkyrella HQ is far from being all set up and done. I actually like to live there first before I make any final decisions on furniture. Since my old stuff was mixed and matched and all over the place, I want a more streamlined look for the new one. Lots of white and black and wood and gray hues with plants and flowers and little pops of color here and there. Think airy urban industrial Scandinavian, if that’s a thing!


Also, I decided to not stress on the little things. To me it doesn’t matter if I get to organize all of my books into shelves right away if I just don’t like the ones offered right now. If a bunch of my stuff has to sit in boxes a little longer, so be it. I just can’t wait living in the new place, sitting on the patio early morning or at night and just learn to enjoy the little things again, like reading a book in silence, sleeping through the night and actually love where I am living again! Wish me luck.



To be continued ♥





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  1. What a gorgeous view! I’m so happy for you too. I know what’s it like to live in a bad situation, I’ve dealt with it more than once. I can’t wait to see what all you do with it. I hope only better things come for you. The apartments here in Saudi also come bare, in the states it comes with everything inside, even the fridge and stove. I saw on the travel channel that it’s crazy hard to get a place to live in Sweden and they have a huge wait list, like a decade, and even then it’s high. Is it like that where you’re at? I would sure love to visit. Sending nothing but good vibes and love your way.

    Btw.. Your comment box always confuses me, it’s hard to know where to write. Others may have had this issue to and ended up not commenting. I think maybe a border around it, and the names above the correct area instead of under it..