Let’s talk about natural skincare


Are you aware of all the ingredients in your skincare? I feel like I could put on whatever cream on my face and slather on heavily scented body lotion in my twenties. But ever since I entered my thirties not to long ago, something changed. It might be for hormonal reasons or simply because my skin is aging but drugstore products don´t cut it anymore.

I started to experiment with argan oil around a month ago but remained clueless about what to do to improve my skin over all. I came across Soapwalla as a natural deodorant alternative and this great read about 10 Essential Oils for your home and your health which I shared with my girl friends.

Luckily my friend Christina told me she just started out to become a certified aroma therapist and even though she´s still studying I was more than willing to try her different oils, body butters, foot reflexology treatments and moisturizing lip care. All 100 % natural and even edible (in theory, I haven´t tried that yet).

This opened a whole new world to me and made me aware of what we actually put our skin through which is our largest organ after all! My current favorite, which I am trying out for a week now, is her relaxing foot reflexology oil. This little gem contains mainly lavender, vanilla and tangerine oils and lots of other goodies I am not supposed to reveal here :) Not only did my sleep improve significantly, it also helped me with a bump on my sole, no doctor could help me to get rid off.

I am basically raiding the internet for DIY sources, to inspire her for new products, and came across this homemade eye cream (and we all know how much I love eye creams!):

What do you think? Do you pay attention to skincare ingredients? Are you a fan of all natural skincare like I am? Do tell!

(Video via Bellasugar; above image courtesy of Spunkyrella)


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    1. Thanks again for hooking me up with Josie :) Or did I hook you up?! Hm, doesn´t matter, we´re both hooked now for sure!!
      Ha, she´s going all the way, I am telling you :)

  1. Natural skincare for the win! Lately, I’ve been trying to veer away from anything with harmful chemicals in it. I hear all these stories about how this chemical causes that and this, etc. and get freaked out. I don’t like the idea of putting anything harmful on me or in me. I wish more and more people would realize that too! Kudos to you and your friend for going the natural route. I’m quite excited to venture it myself!

  2. I really need to pay more attention to what I put on my face and body! Honestly, I don’t look at what’s in the ingredients and I really should! Once I discovered LUSH last year though I’ve been more aware, but really need to put this into action!!