Let’s talk about Me-Time


Are you having regular dates with yourself? Do you make sure to get much needed me-time every other week?

Until very recently I didn´t consciously think about that. I always made sure to take care of my seemingly endless to-do lists and called an early bedtime a blessing in disguise.
One day the alarm gently reminded me that it´s time to get up and work when I just couldn´t and called my boss to take a day off. Then I treated myself to breakfast and a serious round of magazine reading. I spend the whole morning having great coffee and my beloved eggs benedict and fresh fruit while getting cozy with my favorite magazines.

Now I try to work on re-charging my batteries sooner rather than later, by reminding myself that it´s okay to slow down from time to time.

Still that morning was pure bliss. I wish I could do that every week but I do get this kind of me-time around once a month or every six week and it feels like a short vacation of sorts. Totally energizing!

Sometimes I add a little shopping spree and get a new tee or enjoy a beauty regimen at home, since we don´t have the possibilities of mani-pedis on every corner. During the colder months of the year an afternoon with Cary Grant and Debra Kerr and some serious hot chocolate does the trick :)

Now it´s your turn: What is your favorite way to spend me-time?


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  1. Such a great piece, Martie! “Me time” is an essential part of wellness. I usually get mine in at the gym. 45 minutes on a treadmill where I can just zone out, listen to music and watch a little HGTV. It’s perfect.

  2. I love spending a night inside watching whatever TV/movie I want with a glass of wine and going through all my fun beauty products and treating myself to a facial, manicure, and pedicure, etc. I will test out some products I haven’t yet and attempt at organizing everything. Now Rex will be in the mix and that’s even more exciting!!