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I like to think that I am fairly beauty-savvy but when it comes to dry shampoo, I feel like a total newbie. Can you relate?
This summer I tried Batiste – an aerosol dry shampoo – but to me it felt weird and had a pretty strong smell and it seemed like I never hit the right spots on my scalp. I prefer my products to be unscented if possible though and also noticed my hair going greasy again in just a matter of hours, so where´s the point?!

Then I read about this DIY All Natural Dry Shampoo that is a powder and was curious. I can´t get a hold of the ingredients mentioned, but this one lightly lavender scented by Su´Juk sounds just about right as well as this lavender cocoa one from Fat and the Moon is recommended for brown-haired beauties. Lavender is not unscented, I know, but if it´s real lavender oil, I am all in.

In true DIY fashion, I tried baby powder once, but ended up with still oily plus grey-looking roots and was almost late at work, oops! (Note to self: Don´t try anything new early mornings during a work week.)
So, what to do?
According to many beauty bloggers, the magic trick is to massage the powder into your scalp and roots the night before and experience that extra oomph in the morning. Whoaaa! I am hooked :) Now I only need to find the perfect formula for me.

Do you have a favorite dry shampoo or are you a newbie like me?


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  1. Dry shampoo is my best friend! I love Oscar Blandi’s, got it in a beauty box. not all dry shampoos are made equal, Bumble and Bumble’s is horrible!!! The trick is to use it sparingly and just go a little bit at a time and then either brush it through or lightly rub it in with your fingers. I’ve never used a powdered one, only aerosol cans.

    1. The problem with aerosol ones is that they can harm your hair and make it thinner through the years. In my case, I felt like there was some “built-up” on my scalp (for lack of a better term) and I just hated the smell throughout the day… Powders should be talc-free and all natural and as I said, worked in your scalp BEFORE you hit the hay to be able to work its magic overnight.

    2. Yeah but sometimes your hair is fine when you go to bed and you need a touch up in the morning or in the middle of the work day. I’ve never heard that about the aerosol ones…interesting. I’ve felt that ‘build-up’ before but I just made sure to use less in the future and not buy that brand again, and yeah, some of them smell horrendous!

    3. I understand. Mine tends to get oily by late afternoon – so I guess I give the powder version a try and see how it works out.

      Also I can´t use it after a workout since my head gets really wet and I need to wash it. I envy those who are fine with washing their hair only twice a week!

    1. I liked the normal one but as soon as I needed a little more, this citrusy scent was getting to my head really – and after using real shampoo I felt like it didn´t clean as well for whatever reason!

    1. Lizzie, I guess if you have long hair and a few waves to it, it can create a really nice ´bohemian´ look. It´s also better for your hair over time because you´re using less shampoo. I can´t really get myself onto that ´no-poo-trend´ but that´s another story!

  2. I bought a can on the spray from Suave I think last year to try it out and while it’s great for a lift in the evening I could never imagine using it instead of washing my hair. I like the way my hair looks and feels freshly washed and I doubt anything can top that. However, I only use shampoo every other day on my hair and I do not use conditioner at all.

    1. Noor, I think the aerosol one´s are really bad if you want your hair to look great all day. I agree, nothing beats washing your hair but since my scalp gets oily within a day and I don´t want to wash it every day I am looking for a good and natural in-between-solution. I´ll give the powder a version a try and let you know!