Let’s get started


So it´s finally here: My Blog!

I am so excited to share this with you guys. Well, I´m still drag & dropping around until I am finally happy with the layout but meanwhile I can share a few gadgets with you:


First of all my lovely Lisa inspired me to add music to my blog – 5 songs to shake it and 5 songs to chill. Hope you enjoy my choice. Let me know bout that ladies!


Also I´ll let you know websites and blogs that inspire me – just check them out and become a follower. You won´t regret it, I promise!


So why did I decide to start a blog? Well, as you might know (or maybe not, in that case prepare yourself to be surprised!) I started “The 90 Day Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis” and while I was waiting for my DVD´s to arrive (that´s another story) I found Shan´s blog about her efforts with cardio as well as her terrific abs just by day 19 of the program. Can you believe she called herself a moth?! No way girl ;) I was hooked!


Additionally I found Kris Carr´s book “Crazy Sexy Diet” about the raw food movement and how we actually harm our bodies with processed food and artificial, sugary stuff etc. More about that – for interested Meta-sisters like Andi – later.


And last but not least: What the hell does “Spunkyrella” mean?
Well I was thinking about a blogname for a couple of weeks now. I wanted something that fits my character as well as my Meta-sisters and all of the lovelies outthere who have the feeling that there are two hearts beating in their chest: the spunky and tough one as well as the daydreamy cinderella-like one!


And: What is this blog about?
Of course about my 90 day journey with Tracy and the Meta-sisters but also about recipes, music, movies, fun, friends and my life in general.


Spunk it up! Enjoy – Discuss – Unwind! ;)



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  1. Martie — yay! English is not your first language?! I cannot believe that! I had no idea. You are so cute and energetic and spunky — I love the name! Can’t wait to read more :) xo Lisa

  2. Thanks Shan and Lisa!

    Well no, I am from Vienna, Austria but I used to spend 8months in NYC as an aupair a few years ago.
    I do my best – thanks for the sweet comment ;)