Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream


Lovely Ladies!
Before we´re going to start this hopefully gorgeous weekend I want to introduce you to one of my latest beauty revelations. Yes, I kid you not!
If you know me you´d probably think this is just a current product fling. It´s save to say that I am a little beauty junkie.
Getting the money back I spent on creams and powders and pore refiners, etc. might get us all a private jet to Necker Island for a couple of weeks. True.
So when it comes to beauty products I am known for two particular weaknesses: Hand creams and eye creams.
Turns out I had to turn 30 first until I found the ultimate little pot of goodness. 
The It´s potent eye cream claims to fade dark circles, helps smooth fine lines and hydrates the eye area for brighter younger looking eyes. I was never prone to dark circles though my eye area is very delicate and when I didn´t get my right amount of water and sleep you´ll see my blood vessels showing through.

This cream is thick enough to really moisturize and nourish the eye area without dragging into your eyes on hotter days. It contains burnet, an ancient Chinese remedy to help soothe skin as well as a blend of hydrating botanical extracts to help boost collagen. There is also apple extract and loquat extract thrown in the mix to protect and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin.

It also contains sodium hyaluronate which is capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water, which kind of sold me to be perfectly honest!!

Using it for a week now I can only say how much I love it and also I have been to Hot Yoga twice using it and it definitely didn´t make my eyes itch – no creeping in!
I feel that I look more radiant even when I don´t wear any concealer and it makes my MAC Pro Longwear concealer go on more smoothly which actually postpones my search for a new one :)

The eye area feels soft and supple all day and the nice packaging doesn´t hurt either. The little pot contains 14.2g (0.5 oz) for $32 and I guess it goes a long way due to it´s rich formula (I keep you posted about that!).

I defintely splurged on much pricier creams from designer brands who irritated my skin or were merely underwhelming, so this is a double win to me!

Oh and it´s paraben-free and perfume-free but still has a nice subtle fresh smell a little like cucumber maybe….

If you´re like me searching for THE ONE for a while now, give it a try! Or do you have a favorite eyecream you want to share with us?!

Have a great Friday!

***UPDATE: Shan asked if Benefit operates cruelty free. I checked their website before and knew that they don´t test on animals. Learn more here.***


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  1. Mm, sounds good, Martie. Any idea if it’s cruelty free?
    And how is the yoga going? I do hope you’ll post a review.