July Goals and Current Vibes


July Goals and Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

It’s been a minute or two or, well, a whole month. I know, I know, but what can I say? Life happened? That’s so cliché, right?! In this case it’s true. Between dealing with impossible furniture shops, finding and fighting a wasp colony next to my patio (not-so-funny side note: I am allergic to wasp stings), and the worst migraines out of the blue, the time left was spent sleeping or relaxing if possible. I am glad a new month came along and better news for once!


Here’s what else is going on right now…


The New Bedroom that almost never happened

I finally FINALLY found a great bed after a legit order nightmare with my first choice (they sent the wrong one twice and it wasn’t great quality either). This week, I finally found a shop here in Vienna where you can actually order your bed exactly like you want it to look. From the frame to the headboard and the shape of its feet… It’s a dream come true, that’s for sure!

I have to wait until early August, since it’s custom-made but I am really happy and can’t wait to take you with me when I am assembling that baby.


Behind The scenes

It was quiet over here on Spunkyrella and besides me taking some time off, I’m also working on a few changes and tweaks here and there with my girl Meg (never change a winning team!). So stay tuned! Also, I tackled my taxes and looking back, it wasn’t that big ordeal that I thought it would be. Sometimes those impossible tasks really are just impossible in our head, right?!


Summer in Vienna

For the last few years, I haven’t enjoyed the summer months as much as I should have. The heat and humidity really got to me, but this year seems different! Spending your summer in Vienna sure has its perks and a lot to offer like open-air movie screenings, lots of free festivals and dining al fresco of course. And don’t forget the amazing brunch spots in the city! So, I am spending my summer in the city and decided to postpone any possible vacation plans to later this year to focus on living more and planning less for once. Also, one year in, I really get to enjoy my new place, the patio – at least when it’s not home to the wasp colony, and the fact that I finally get to decorate it and order furniture. Yay, me!


Speaking of new furniture. That nice little shot above is coming straight from my new coffee table to your screen. I didn’t have one for 9 (!) years since I could never find one I liked until an unexpected little flash sale that made yours truly VERY happy 



What have you been up to?








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  1. Well, first of all, your coffee table looks amazing. I think it was worth the waiting and I hope your bed will be to. :) But what a saga! I never would have guessed it would be this difficult!
    Live is also happening there in Switzerland or should I say Ireland? I’m spending my summer abroad which means: no time on the patio or balcony for me! Not that I’d like to spend time there anyway. I guess it looks awful without me looking after it. My poor dying plants!
    sending you love

    1. Thank you so much, Hope!
      It sounds silly stressing so much about a bed, right?! But it is rather dealing with inefficient customer service and stuff that really hit a nerve these days.
      It’s so great you get to spend your summer abroad! Have fun and take it all in!

      xo Martina

      PS I can’t take any credit for the thriving greenery on the patio though, I have someone on hand who’s born with a green thumb :)