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January Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

And just like that January is almost over and, as as assumed, my work schedule this month left little room for anything else. At one point I was convinced I´d get sick but a weekend locked in, having all the tea and chicken soup, and I was back on track. Yeah, that was fun…


No book news to report, since I honestly didn´t get to read that much this month. Lil sis just finished THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, gave it to me and now asks me daily if I already started reading it. Of course not, but I get to it eventually. Have you read it?


Recently, Nina and I chatted about music and movie scores and I mentioned GARDEN STATE since it´s one of those movies where the soundtrack especially, just is everything. So, I basically listen to it on rotate these days. Good times!


There´s no real favorite look this month but I am on the hunt for the perfect budget-friendly couch and thus far, I haven´t found “the one”. I wanted a light grey couch for sooo long, sigh. When I find a style I like, I don´t like the specific colors it´s available in or the other way around. So, there´s that. Problems of a couch potato…


On other news, I was thinking to change a few bits and bobs on this very blog and share more personal experience related topics, learnings and more open discussions on life. To inform, inspire, entertain and empower as always been the core message of this very slice of the web and I want to focus/return to that again. Would you be up for that?


To shake things up a bit, I decided to be part of Nia´s #29DAYSOFBLOGGING challenge. It started with an idea and a little chat on Twitter. A Facebook group was set up and now, the challenge is on! It´s exactly what it sounds like. A plan to blog every day in February (or at least try to), get back into the blogging groove and closer to my fellow readers. There are no rules topic-wise, which I prefer, and the group works like a think-tank for motivation and inspiration. I am curious and we´ll see if I follow through since I don´t like to work with a strict schedule. I guess, I´ll just wing it as I go :)


With a few ideas in mind already, I also like to turn the table and ask YOU which topics/posts you would like to see more of on spunkyrella? Spill the beans, would you?!




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  1. Ugh I got sick twice this month, once a cold and last weekend a horrible virus! I hope that means I won’t get sick for the rest of the year! Hope you find your perfect couch! You should definitely share my personal experience stuff!