How to save a sh*tty day



Yesterday, I woke up with a headache already and haven´t slept all that great to begin with. It´s one of those moments which made me realize that this is not going to be one of my favorite days ever. Do you know that feeling?


The typical morning routine took me forever – bad hair day, puffy eyes and all – and I caught myself getting crankier by the minute. You might say that´s self-fullfilling-prophecy of sorts and I don´t disagree, but still, in that exact moment I was just done with the day though it hasn’t even started yet….


My former self would have delved right in, spending the day bathing in self-pitty and occasional rants. What a waste of time that would´ve been, no?


I do know better now and because those days just happen to the best of us, I developed a few steps that help me survive, make them better or even turn them around. Are you in?


And I mean this quite literally. Open windows, drink fresh water, breathe and take a few minutes to restart your inner clock. If you´re antsy like me, let this website help you and do nothing for two minutes. Easy peasy!



Music is like a free therapy session in your living room, right? Come up with a playlist for those days or just have your favorite tunes on hand. I would strongly recommend to not throw yourself a pity party with songs that match your mood, but to really groove, even dance or sing along. My Top 3 are The Killers´ Mr. Brightside (perfect for singing screaming along), Florence and the Machine´s Dog Days Are Over (this ones always gets me in a good mood) and Chromeo´s Fancy Footwork (to pretend I am rehearsing for Step Up 3 and usually be out of breath half way in…).



For some it might be cat videos on YouTube, for others it´s a Jim Carrey movie or a bad joke. Whatever usually works for you, give it a try on this shitty day and find out if it works. I tend to crack up watching really bad TV commercials. ´Nuff said.



What a king´s jester would´ve done in Medieval Times, a good friend can do today. A little bit of cheering you up is in order and you can always offer to return the favor next time they´re walking around with a dark cloud over the head. Deal?! If you´re not feeling like talking (I do sometimes), texting will work just fine. Promised.



Also known as the happy hormone, there are proofed and tested ways to multiply them by eating the right things. Happy belly, happy mind – but don´t stuff your face with junk food though – you´ll regret it the next day. Just have a really nice piece of cake or something more savory if you prefer. I love me some good coffee but for days like this, I turn to witchcraft and whip up some Chocolat Andalùz (more on that tomorrow). Always works. Chocolate does make happy.



Whatever you do, always remember: You have a bad day, not a bad life. Take a day off, stay in bed, leave work early, take a walk through the park at lunch break, move your chores to tomorrow and just be – whatever works for you and your life but be kind and gentle and treat yourself like a trusty friend – with love, not guilt.


Would you try any of these? What works for you on a shitty day? Please share!



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