How To Poach An Egg


How To Poach An Egg |

I consider myself a fairly good cook. I mean, I don´t shy away from risks and I am always up for failing when trying out new recipes. I am fearless with exotic spices, and not only once tried my shot on cooking something from scratch basically recipe-less. The results are mixed but I have fun while I am at it. Guerilla Cooking – if that´s a thing – would be a fair description of my kind of cuisine.


There is one technique though I was never able to master: poaching eggs. It does look fairly easy in videos but time and time again, all I came up with, was a puddle of egg mush. Eventually I stopped trying altogether, since I felt bad for the wasted eggs.


When eating out and having brunch, I am known for having Eggs Benedict or poached eggs of some sort and I always end up thinking that this damn poaching can´t be so hard after all, right? Right!


So I did what every confident poaching dummy would do, I turned to Jamie Oliver for virtual help and found this gem of a video. Three easy ways on how to poach an egg. Yes!




And while I am still not able to twirl the water like he does to create a picture-perfect poached egg, the first technique he´s showing worked like a charm for me. I was beyond proud and who knew it only took some patience and a little cup? Also, I agree with Jamie that using super-fresh eggs and not adding vinegar, as practically every video I watched before suggested, is key to come up with an amazingly silky and oozy result. Mission accomplished!



What´s your preferred way of poaching?



(Image by Nadia Lim)




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  1. Das ist ja auch sowas, was erst seit kurzem in meinem Instagram- und Snapchat-Feed auftaucht. Ich hab das noch nie “in echt” gesehen, geschweige denn gegessen! :D

    1. Findest du? Ich liebe pochierte Eier schon seit Jahren und esse sie gerne, wusste aber einfach nie wie ich sie zuhause zubereiten kann! Jedenfalls entgeht dir was wenn du noch nie Eggs Benedict hattest :)