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Holiday Gift Guide: GirlBoss |

There was no doubt that, again, one Holiday Gift Guide had to be dedicated to little sis. She´s such a driven 17 year old lady, who´s kind and loving. She has such a good heart and never forgets to be attentive and helpful to others even though her plate couldn´t be more full this year in school. She´s going to graduate in Spring, turn 18, apply for college… Clearly a GirlBoss in the making!


Here´s to my wondrous, special, little sister, who´s so wise beyond her years, a true friend, and a gorgeous young woman I couldn´t be more proud of – and I am sure this also applies to your sister/best friend/special lady in your life.



1. I AM THAT GIRL  I was already rambling so much about this book and since lil sis is such book worm, it´s a no-brainer. To me it´s important for her to know that she is capable of anything and everything, and this book is the essence of that.


2. JO MALONE POMEGRANATE NOIR CANDLE Ever since she got a whiff of the travel candle, she put it on her wishlist to add to her new room at home. I was planning to surprise her with the candle but we since discovered a lovely shop that carries the Diptyque range. So there might be a chance, she´ll change her mind. Still I am sure this one will always be amongst her favorites.


3. “LITTLE BUT FIERCE” – PLANNER  Since I came across Ninj & Ninj, I knew I had to get her that cute planner that easily fits her deadlines for school, our brunch dates and then some. It´s amongst my favorite Planners for 2016 and if you happen to like them as well, make sure you swing by come Friday. There might be a little giveaway coming your way!


4. AQUARIUS ZODIAC PRINT  Little sis is turning 18 in early February. I still remember her wobbly first steps and our nighttime ritual, sigh. Time truly flew by. That being said, we both have a knack for astrology and our zodiac signs, and since she´s still on the hunt for some artwork for her redecorated room, I think this is just perfect.


5. FOUR LEAF CLOVER BRACELET  She´s loving the necklace I surprised her with this summer and I feel like this bracelet would make a great addition to it. To be honest, I not so secretly want one myself. Boutique Minimaliste is my favorite place to shop for unique minimal jewelry and its owner Marta is just the sweetest. For instance, I love my triangle ear studs to death and never go a day without them. When I lost one, I was devastated but Marta made sure to send one my way, just like that. She´s the best and can now add two trusty bling lovers to her squad!


6. TEAPIGS´ EVERYDAY BREW  As much as I love coffee, Stevie is all about tea. For brunch she´ll almost always order English Breakfast Tea with a splash of milk. Ever since we brunched at Motto am Fluss in Vienna, she´s smitten with Teapigs Tea. An online order of a big box should suffice for the next few months. I hope!


7. CERAMIC KOALA TEA MUG  What´s tea without a perfect mug? I spotted this at Noe Marin Studio and was smitten. I am sure she would be too :)


8. COZY GRAY KNIT SWEATER  Nothing beats a slouchy gray sweater, don´t you agree? I love this one especially, because it´s comfy to slip into at home but can also be dressed up easily for a movie date or brunch. This works with sneakers, boots and heels. Win, win, win.


9. ILIA PINK MOON LIPSTICK  With her gorgeous blue eyes and naturally long lashes always being the focus of her face, she recently started to change it up a notch by wearing lipstick. I love organic brands like ILIA and think the Pink Moon hue would be right up her alley. A rich berry shade perfect for winter that really goes with everything – especially gorgeous blue eyes :)


10. BUTTERBALL BATH BOMBS  When she was a way littler lil sis, like eons ago, she loved to dip into my skincare products and accompany me to a nearby Lush store to smell and test and fall in love with their products. The Butterball Bath Bomb has been her favorite ever since and is also amazing for her dry winter skin. Grown-up or not, some favorites never change.



What will you get the lil sis/special soul in your life?




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