Holiday Gift Guide | The BBFF – Best (Blogger) Friend Forever


Holiday Gift Guide: The BBFF Best (Blogger) Friend Forever |

Friends are the most fun to shop for, right?! I love to see a totally giddy face right after the gift box was teared apart. I created this gift guide with specific people in my mind. My friends, my sisters from another mother, from Vienna and all over the world really. Since I started this blog, I met so many awesome ladies around the globe and even though we can´t physically meet up for brunch and coffee every other weekend, I consider them close and won´t miss them in my life anymore!


So here´s to friends, soul mates and the girl gang who would hopefully squeal with excitement when finding one of the following gift ideas under the tree :)


1. ORIGAMI CRANE EAR STUDS  These rosé beauties are one of a kind, don´t you think? They are subtle enough and still unique and will please even the so-hard-to-find-gifts-for girlfriend. Thought of: blogging sister in crime, Corinna who would totally rock these!


2. GARDENIA + TEA BODY SERUM  Ever since coming across One Love Organics skincare, I am determined to treat one of my ladies to this goodness. I actually haven´t had a chance to get it, but what´s not to love there and an extra bit of home spa goodness never hurt nobody. Thought of: my babe Jo would be head over heels, I am sure!


3. MAGENTA LEATHER POUCH  On Wednesday we wear pink! What about every single day?! I love Leah Lerner´s shop and treated myself to the magenta clutch earlier this year. I have never felt a leather so buttery soft… that´s amazing craftmanship right there. Thought of: my travel buddy Nina, who would totally make it work!


4. J BY JENNIFER ANISTON PERFUME  A little sample of this didn´t last me too long, it´s just divine. Allegedly a scent for summer, I think this is an all-year crowd-pleaser that´s hard not to fall for sniffing your wrists every other moment. I love that Douglas is supporting DKMS Life for cancer patients by donating to the cause for every sold bottle! Thought of: Greek Goddess and branding pro Corina, who would wear this while strolling along the beach with a view of the ocean.


5. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN – Print  Do you have a friend with a bubbly personality, who gives the best pep-talks and always encourages you to see the positive side of things? Then this print is just perfect for her! Thought of: my long-time-pal Nici, who would like to add this to her gallery wall.


6. “CASHMERE” SOY CANDLE  One can never have too many candles, I think. And Penelope Co. offers so many unique scented ones, it´s quite a choice to make. This one seems to be perfect for cozy nights at home. Thought of: my fairy blog-mother Shan!


7. SYDNEY LETTERPRESS COASTERS  What to get the ultimate cosmopolitan female traveler? I am not sure, but for a chance she might settle down one day, I think fun coasters from her favorite city boroughs would be spot on, no?! Thought of: my crafty lady Meg for the unlikely case she will settle down, one day though :)


8. GET TO WORK – BOOK  I am waiting for mine to arrive any day. Still, I think someone determined and focused on her very first novel could use this to the max. Thought of: my friend Sara, who is basically Superwoman.


9. RAINBOW TROUT LAVENDER EYE PILLOW  This is the relaxing lavender pillow with a twist and had me at hello. Any working lady and mama would welcome this with open arms, if only for a quick shut-eye here and there. Thought of: my gal Romy who´s juggling her job and busy with her two little ladies at home, and would proudly slap a trout on her face :)


10. UNICORN PIN  Seriously, what´s not to love! Who is the unicorn amongst your friends? Thought of: I picked this for my sweet friend Lonah, because she truly is one of those rare souls you surely don´t find every day!



Which one would you get for your BBFF?





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  1. A freaking unicorn pin!! Yassss! I recently bought a unicorn that lights up! It’s so cute! Also loving those origami earrings!

  2. I do LOVE that clutch! :)
    I love all of these…especially that rainbow trout thing. It made me laugh!