Holiday Gift Guide | The Secret Santa


Holiday Gift Guide: The Secret Santa |

I am beyond excited to finally kick off the week of Spunkyrella Holiday Gift Guides! I had so much fun putting together a few of my favorite products in themed guides last year, so I was eager to do the same this season. As usual, I like to support small (Etsy) shops that I truly care about and also share products I just happen to love. That´s totally for fun and I don´t earn a dime with it but wouldn´t change my guides to do so….


So today, let´s start with Holiday Gift Guide 1 – The Secret Santa. Do you and your coworkers or friends play along? Actually our intern at work, Nino, suggested to do so last year and honestly I haven´t thought of that Christmas tradition since high school. It´s actually called Engerl-Bengerl in Austria, which doesn´t translate really. Still I was eager to participate and had already all kinds of fun ideas for my female coworkers. The name I pulled out of the hat was one of my new colleagues and initially I had a really hard time finding a little something for her, since she´s not the girly-girl type, and they are always so fun to shop for!


So here are a few humble suggestions, everyone will like (she boldly announced). Ha!


1. CACTI PHONE CASE  Who doesn´t love cacti and succulents? And for those with a black thumb, they are best gifted as an always green phone case. I absolutely adore Dessi Designs – me and my MacBook cover are still going strong :)


2. LEATHER KEY CHAIN TAG  It´s hard to find a small gift that´s durable and still unique for someone you hardly know but want to make happy, don´t you agree? They are easily personalized with initials and colored leather, because even if you don´t know a whole lot about someone, to find out his or her favorite color is usually an easy task to manage.


3. “EXPLORE” MUG  This gem is soon to be the favorite mug to choose from when it´s time for morning coffee in the office, isn´t it?


4. YEAR OF COZY  I love to gift books and this one is on my wishlist for quite some time. I mean, who doesn´t love to get cozy and all snuggled up? A book worth a whole year of tips on that matter is a winner in my book (pun intended)!


5. MINT GREEN RING CUP  Sadly, I wasn´t lucky enough to pick a jewelry loving coworker, but in case you know a ring-stacker who needs a place to gather all her current faves, this cute cup might be it.


6. “NOPE” TOTE BAG  I don´t think there´s anything that needs to be said other than how rad is this for getting your groceries or just wearing around town when you´re not in the mood to chat?! Priceless. Almost.


7. WEEKLY DESK PLANNER  What else to get your super organized coworker who likes to plan her work week ahead, every Friday before heading into the weekend? I love the style and muted colors, also a little animal print doesn´t hurt nobody. Even Jenna Lyons considers animal print a neutral. ´Nuff said.


8. GROWN-UP EGGNOG TEA TOWEL  For the friend who just moved to a new apartment or to spice up your office kitchen, this tea towel is just spot on and can also help out with a recipe in case of emergency at the annual Christmas party.


9. DACHSHUND BUTT BOOKMARK  I mean those three words alone got me! I am eyeing the zombie leg bookmark for quite some time for myself, but ever since I saw that dachshund one, I am smitten. It reminds me so much of my childhood dog Max and his fluffy derriere :) So, if you are my Secret Santa and reading this (hint hint!)…


10. COFFEE PRINT  Because life begins after coffee, you know?! But honestly, what´s not to love here and I am sure your favorite java junkie will feel the same way – caffeinated or not :)



Are you a Secret Santa this year?



Special Shout-out to my girl, Meg White, who designed this year´s lovely gift guides

exclusively for Spunkyrella!

Thanks a bunch!




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