Holiday Gift Guide | The Nerdy Hunk


Holiday Gift Guide: The Nerdy Hunk |

Since last year´s Fearless Traveler Gift Guide was amongst your favorites, I want to include a guys´ guide this year as well. My friend Pete isn´t traveling this year, so I came up with a guide for a man I would like to get something nice for.


Welcome to The Nerdy Hunk, who knows how to whip up a nice meal, is always prepped for an impromptu cocktail hour and can´t won´t hide his inner child…


1. STAR WARS T-SHIRT  With the new movie just around the corner, this would be a nice gift for the nerd and the guy who makes the perfect movie date to share popcorn with.


2. CARRY-ON COCKTAIL KIT: MOSCOW MULE  A guy who is prepped for an impromptu happy hour anywhere is a keeper! This kit is small enough to carry around and stylish too.


3. CABLE ORGANIZER  These come in quite handy for the guy out and about who likes to keep the chaos in his messenger bag to a minimum and his chargers neatly tucked inside.


4. BREAKING BAD POSTER  The tv show we all still can´t let go of makes for a few awesome quotes and also this rad poster, he would love to make the eye-catcher of his apartment.


5. “THE GRIT” – SOAP  Male skin needs attention as well. Especially, when it comes as a scrubby soap that´s organic and multitasking and just perfect for the hunk´s sensitive skin.


6. EAT: THE LITTLE BOOK OF FAST FOOD  A guy who knows a few quick recipes by heart seems to be hard to find these days. Nigel Slater´s book would point him in the right direction and make for a few delicious home dates, I am sure.


7. “SURFER DUDE” MANDLE  A man candle in a tin, a mandle, comes in amazing variations even the biggest skeptic will grow to like quickly. And if not, you got yourself a nice addition to your candle collection :)


8. LAMBSWOOL SCARF  To keep your guy warm with style. ´Nuff said.


9. SAFFRON AMBER CARDAMOM SCENT  Korres is my trusty choice when it comes to deliciously scented skincare. The new fragrances are spot on and this earthy, woody one is exactly what I would like to smell on a guy´s neck :)


10. THE ASTERISK  This eyecatcher works great as a touch of art on his desk and will challenge him when he needs a break from work to keep his mind busy in a different way.



What would you get your (fictional) guy?





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  1. These gifts are awesome! I just wish I had a nerdy hunk around to actually buy him some of these…haha!

    1. Who didn´t?! I had my fictional dream guy in mind. So who knows, a little witchcraft and here we go… :)