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fearlesstravelerhgg_3Venezuela. Wouldn´t that be a nice change of scenery right now? That´s where my friend Pete is traveling to right this minute and it would only be the start of his South America adventure trip.


He´s the big brother I never had and met when I was only 18 years old. For years he worked hard on his career, almost trapped behind the screen as a software engineer day and night. I am happy to see him do something just right out of his comfort zone, kind of.


And as the awesome sister that I am, of course I make sure that he´ll have everything he needs to support, nurture and accompany him on the road (or mountains).


Therefore today´s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE is dedicated to the fearless traveler and guys in our lives who never really need anything but would be happy about a little extra love for sure.


1 | SAVE THE MALES  a moisturizer that’s perfect for sensitive skin in need for that extra kick of multi-beneficial skincare. Packaged in a tube it comes in quite handy while traveling as well and will probably last him for the whole trip as a little goes a long way.


2 | INTO THE WILD  might be the the most appropriate read for his adventure. And since he was repeatedly telling me that he needs to read the book after we watched the movie together – here you go! Have you read it?


3 | COSY SWEATER  a versatile sweater like this cutie from Replay will quickly become the favorite in his bag. A beige-grey (greige?) mixed wool fabric that keeps him warm and still makes for a nice eye-catcher, don´t you think?


4 | ADVENTURE TRAVEL DIARY  to fit his thoughts and doodles and adventure tickets of course. A total upgrade from a simple photo book, this will make him happy to look at for many years and he might even tell his grandchildren about his awesome trip back in the days…


5 | HOT TEA-TO-GO TUMBLER  for the guy that, judging by his black tea intake alone, could be British. During his exams a few years ago, he basically lived of black tea and tacos. This especially for hot tea designed tumbler would make him a very happy man.


6 | ROOT BEER LIPBALM  for the manliest man outthere who would never think of such a fancy un-necessity like a lipbalm, but root beer as a main ingredient basically transfers this into a male-must-have. Oh, makes total sense now (eye roll)!


7 | DUDE NO. 1 BEARD OIL  is another all-rounder in his travel bag. The fresh and woody scent is worth a sniff or two – thanks to cedarwood, green coriander and pink peppercorn. It´s an all natural hydrating formula packed with hemp seed oil and jojoba oil. And since he planned on growing a beard anyways, a total win win in my book.


8 | MEN´s KIT (TOILETRY BAG)  to fit all of his skincare bits and other accessories. The charcoal grey thick fabric is perfect the occasion and neither too big or too small when it comes to packing.


9 | LET´s GO ON AN ADVENTURE LEATHER BRACELET  this custom-made gem quickly caught my eye and would make for a rad gift to my best friend on tour. The various colors can be personalized with a quote or even the geographical coordinates of a special place. I´d totally go for that vibrant green and the stats of his home town as this would be a nice memory to look at, wherever in the world he might be.



What´s your favorite pick of the bunch? Who´s the Fearless Traveler in your life? Let me know.





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  1. My boyfriend fits this profile perfectly and he is so difficult to get a present for because this type of guys, they want experiences you know :)

    1. I can totally relate, Marijs! Special people are hard to shop for. Funnily enough this was my personal favorite and also my readers favorite gift guide :)