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Even though my little sister and I are 16 years apart (I am now exactly twice her age – gulp), we´ve been close from the very first moment I got to hold her. We always had a special bond, we´re very much alike and then again, totally different. We don´t get to see each other every day, but we make sure to stay in touch and enjoy our monthly brunches to the fullest.


I couldn´t be more proud of the girl I helped raising and the young woman she´d already become. My most cherished moments though, are those when I can see her bursting with ideas and dreams for her life and I believe I instilled that in her. She´s hard-working towards her goals, therefore I like to spoil her only like a big sister could.


So, in honor of sweet lil sis and all of our inner dreamers that need to be pampered now and then, this HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE is dedicated to you.


1 | DASH + LILY´s BOOK OF DARES  makes for the perfect read – for any age really. A sweet love story that takes place in NYC´s The Strand around Christmas time. I have yet to find someone who doesn´t fall in love with this heart-warming story. I´m sure she´ll read it all at once, always hot chocolate on hand and all bundled up of course.


2 | SHUT UP. I´M A PRINCESS  a cute tee for the best lil sis ever and… uhm, true. It´s all about (not so) hidden messages no one can resist if they´re printed on super soft cotton, right?!


3 | RAINBOW LEATHER WRAP JOURNAL  to sort her thoughts and dreams and worries in such a classy playful way. I love a good leather wrap journal and was smitten with those light colors and rainbow paper when I first saw it. Lil sis would be crazy about it, I am sure. She might even like it so much, she can´t write in it to save it. Sigh.


4 | HYDRATING EYE CREAM  because that´s what she only wanted to begin with. Since she tried a good dollop from my jar a while ago, she was hooked. Smart girl knows that there is no such thing as too early for a good hydrating eye cream. Yup, just like her big sister :)


5 | FLEECE PJ PANTS  to give her that comfy feeling and let her relax at home after all of her exams. I like the different colored patterns, loose fit and soft feel of those.


6 | WHEN NOTHING GOES RIGHT GO LEFT  a visual reminder that life is not always going your way. That´s okay, though. This colorful print would be a great addition to her room and the last thing she´ll spot before heading out for another packed day.


7 | EARRING DISPLAY  to help keep her gems organized and nicely framed. There are many different options but of course the pink-grey-black-white one quickly caught my eye.


8 | GET UP & GET `EM  for the chronically sleep deprived who likes to hit snooze one too many times. The perfect Holiday Gift Guide addition for those who could need more rest but also look for daily motivation – this pillow comes in quite handy.


9 | HAND-ILLUSTRATED CARD  as a blank canvas to DIY a gift card for a Year of Sisters Brunches (a DIY that even I can pull off). I love the whimsical design featuring coffee and hearts that would make for a great eye-catcher to put my little gift tags in. Sisters Brunch for 2015 is saved. On to the next mission!



What´s your favorite pick of the bunch? Who´s the Daydream Believer in your life? Let me know.





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