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When my friend Suze studied Fashion Innovation in London a couple of years ago, we´ve been practically texting back and forth when she was on the run. And it seemed like she was always on the run – Paris, Dubai, London – Suze was always on the go! She has since relocated to Vienna but I always see her as the busy fashionista that she truly is and I wouldn´t be surprised if she´d be out and about again sooner rather than later…


In honor of her sweet go-getter attitude and overall awesomeness, I dedicate this very first HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE of mine to her and her busy lifestyle.


1 | SWEETNESS I WAS ONLY JOKING  is the perfect phone case for someone as blunt and hilarious as my dear Suze. It´s just the perfect statement to end all statements really :) And I can perfectly picture her typing away on her phone waiting to hop on that plane already.


2 | SUCCESS IS NOT FOR THE LAZY  is the ideal tumbler to keep her java fresh and safe in her grip while she´s texting me with her spare hand. The black and white look blends nicely with her urban fashionista style, of course.


3 | REPLENISHING NUTRIENT COMPLEX  works amazingly well if a proper skincare regimen is just not manageable on the run. I just used this face oil myself and it got me totally hooked on Tata Harper Skincare. It´s a multivitamin face oil that easily replenishes skin that´s been traveling time zones and different climates on an almost daily basis.


4 | TOM FORD´s BLACK ORCHID  Just a whiff of this subtle yet powerful perfume always makes me think of Suze. I believe it can´t be worn by anyone without being too overpowering. I imagine it would fit her lifestyle quite well and could easily carry her from a meeting to a dinner date to late night drinks with her girlfriends.


5 | SILVER LEATHER iPAD MINI CASE  suits the obvious reason and since she mostly wears black this little bling can be easily spotted in her huge bag that fits her whole household, like a modern day Mary Poppins. True story!


6 | NARS GRACE ´s bright pink coral extravaganza would compliment her lovely skin tone and just make her glow. It would be that yin to her yang – the pop of color to her monochromatic style. She might shout “NO COLOR”, at first but I am sure this one will be a favorite of hers in no time.


7 | CASHMERE SCARF  to bundle up and stay warm, obviously. I picked the light grey one at first glance, but quickly realized this praline colored gem would look just as amazing on her and still blend in nicely with her signature look.


8 | TRIBAL BRACELET  to add some sass to her class. As if! I believe this piece was designed with her in mind, it fits her attitute AND her purse.


9 | BIG DREAMS AND GRAND SCHEMES  notepads to jot down her brilliant ideas and help her brainstorm her next business venture. Not that she needs them, but I figured they wouldn´t hurt.


10 | BAD-ASS BITCH CANDLE  for the busy fashionista who needs to take a breather from time to time. Citrus and Chili Pepper to revive her inner wild child and for a quick energy boost in times of need. The perfect travel companion or to enjoy once she´s finally back at home.



What´s your favorite pick of the bunch? Who´s the Suze in your life? Let me know.





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