5 Heat-Proof Beauty Products


Facing the Sahara heat the last two weeks quickly showed me what works during hot and humid days around 32C (93F) and what clearly doesn´t.

Today I´d like to introduce you to my five favorite heat-proof products. Avid Spunkyrella readers might already know two of them…

My favorite face cleanser for the last two summers is Origins´ Never a Dull Moment. It´s fruity and fresh, perfect to wash your face during your morning shower and it cleans like a boss at night when you want to get rid of all the nasty (with or without a face brush). I like to follow up with Lush´s Breath of Fresh Air as my toner and I always keep the smaller size on hand or in the office fridge for a little pick-me-up during the day. I also tried the Tea Tree toner and the Eau Roma Water but the first is too harsh for my skin and the second too rich. If you have combination skin like me, I strongly recommend Breath of Fresh Air which contains seaweed and aloe and a little rose water.

I raved about my favorite all-purpose dry oils last year. Right now I can´t get enough of this special Monoi de Tahiti Traditional Tiare oil. It´s moisturizing but never leaves my skin oily, paired with just a whiff of scent. Heat-proof as it´s best!

This little bug wanted to be included so badly

Last summer I could never make up my mind if I should wear only sunscreen or also some kind of tinted moisturizer during the day. I´ve never been a heavy foundation girl but I like just a hint of color. After getting my hands on a sample of Kiehl´s BB Cream, I thought not another one of those but two days of testing totally convinced me. It combines sunscreen (SPF 50+!!) and tinted moisturizer in one, it also contains vitamin C and actively corrects your skin over time than just masking blemishes and such. Also a little goes a long way and just makes me look put together and fresh, even after a day in an office without any air-condition.

Kiehl´s Eye Alert doesn´t need an introduction here, I guess. I loved Benefit´s It´s Potent Eye cream until I faced puffy eyes last year due to my thyroid imbalance. I keep Kiehl´s Eye Alert in the fridge at all times and it just wakes up my eye area in an instant and also has a cooling effect. Just great!

So these are my current five favorite beauty products to brave heat and humidity these days but still look put together and not like a sweaty mess :)

What are your favorite products right now, I´d love to hear!


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    1. Sara, I can totally relate. I am always on the hand for natural helpful fixes and Lush really aced it with their toners! If you tend to get very oily, maybe give the Tea Tree Toner a try, to me it works if I use it not too often but on a daily base, it´s too harsh on my skin!