4 Non-Cheesy Takes on Valentine’s Day


4 Non-Cheesy Takes On Valentine's Day - Spunkyrella.com

Red roses make me gag, candy is way too sweet for my taste and I prefer the latest episode of The Walking Dead and a great pizza over a typical romantic dinner any day of the week. Not hard to realize by now that I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day and anything surrounding it really. The only exception would be dark chocolate, I mean chocolate always works, right?! Still, I think it’s a great opportunity to show some extra love today. Here are my admittedly a little bit out-of-the-box takes on how to spend Valentine’s Day in a more meaningful way…


Donate blood together

It’s true, I totally pulled a Dylan McKay on you with this one. To this day, the Beverly Hills 90210 episode where Dylan suprises Brenda with a date at a blood donation center, is my favorite. Who needs an overpriced candle-light-dinner, when you can share something intimate together and do good at the same time?!


Pick a Cause and Volunteer

Not a fan of needles? I don’t blame you. What about getting involved with your favorite charity instead?! Many charities in larger cities host special events or fundraisers today and are happy to have some extra hands around. Just help out in whatever way you can at a local animal shelter or soup kitchen or hospital. It sure will make you feel more grounded and grateful and maybe even closer to your significant other for doing this together.


Treat A Stranger

I like to pay the coffee for a stranger from time to time and like those random acts of kindness. I also heard stories where this went horribly wrong, instead treat your coworkers to a little breakfast or an afternoon round of coffee, tea and cake.

Simply put: spread love and nothing says love like cake does :)


Write a heart-felt note

I bet there are plenty of people who are not close to you or related to you, but still make your life so much easier. Your mailman, your neighbor who always holds on to your packages, a friendly face who greets you every morning with a smile when you pick up your breakfast, to just name a few. Take a minute to write a note, a card, and say thank you! It will make their day!



By the way, sharing a heart-felt Thank You is always a great idea ♥





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