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Four Cities in Europe |

When it comes to traveling, I´ve hopped over the big pond quite a few times over the years and also lived in New York City for nearly a year. Then I traveled to India with my tiny backpack and was never afraid to conquer a new foreign destination. Funnily enough though, I never really roamed around that much in Europe. Which is silly, since Vienna is located central enough to take a train for a short trip to a nearby city and even flights are not breaking the bank anymore. So, there´s only one thing left to decide: Where to next?

When Nina and I went on a little road trip through Austria last October I got all wanderlusty again and dreamed up a few trips with lil sis in tow or even a solo trip here and there, but nothing was booked and planned out properly thus far. In true late bloomer fashion, I´ll start by joining Nina this March by crashing her solo city break.  Which got me thinking about a few other cities I always wanted to see for a weekend or so but never really got to…

AMSTERDAM  It´s actually so close to Vienna (less than a 2h flight) and pretty cheap as well but so far, I never got myself a ticket. Ever since reading The Fault in our Stars, lil sis and I want to spend a weekend there for sure. I think it´s best to do so in Spring or Fall – given the perfect roaming around weather of course. This is happening pretty soon!

STOCKHOLM  I don’t know why, but I always wanted to take a solo trip to Stockholm in the Fall on the verge of winter. There´s something so soothing about the thought that I am wandering through the city in chilly weather, getting some coffee or hot soup somewhere, and just relax and watch people through the big windows. It might sound silly, but one day, people, one day…

LISBON  Portugal was never on my travel wishlist. I love Spain and especially Madrid and Barcelona but somehow really got into reading everything I could about Lisbon. I think a quick weekend trip during Summer is a must. I´ll keep my eyes open for cheap tickets, so good I can’t resist!

PRAGUE  This one is going to vanish from the list in only 2 weeks since I am meeting Nina there for a short city break. Prague has never been a must-see-destination for me, I guess that´s because of all the Vienna-Prague comparisons I witnessed over the last few years, and I am honestly already tired of it. I think it´s very similar in architecture but of course, as a born-and-bred Viennese girl, there’s only one right answer to that age-old question :) Still, I want to see what everyone´s talking about and I am looking forward to that 4-hour train ride. See you soon, Prague!

There are many more cities I would love to visit soon, but these are from the top of my list right now.

Where would you go next?

(Image courtesy of Jinna Yang from Project Inspo)


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  1. Hi Martina
    Ich könnte mich deinen Tops anschließen :) – auf meiner Liste würde auch noch Paris stehen. Aber du hast recht es gibt so viele schöne Städte, die man besuchen könnte/müsste.

    Liebe Grüße Beatrice

    1. Danke Beatrice! In Paris war ich auch noch nie aber mich zieht es eher zu den “unüblichen” Zielen :)