5 Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks



Santa´s little helper (aka moi) was busy wrapping gifts last night. Even though a present might get unwrapped in only a matter of seconds, I enjoy putting much thought and effort into the actual wrapping process. I am weird like that.


I was psyched to find so many free printable gift tags (suited for kids, your BFF and coworker) and wrapping paper hacks, I wanted to make sure to share them with you – just in time….


I used these printable black and white HOLIDAY GIFT TAGS on a bunch of my gifts. I am not a fan of fancy wrapping paper and like to keep it simple, so these came in quite handy to add to grown-up gifts.


This Christmas GIFT WRAP DIY made me think a little bit outside of the box. There really are no limits and if you used to be a wrapping-paper-plus-bow-only kinda gal like yours truly, this might be right up your alley.


Truth to be told, handpainted WRAPPING PAPER is still a little too much effort if you´re running late with wrapping gifts, like I did this year. Still, it´s worth mentioning (and saving) for next year.


I never used gift tags on kids´ presents but these whimsical ANIMAL GIFT TAGS to print came out lovely – especially the bear made the moms squeal when we exchanged gifts :)


Sometimes wrapping paper just won´t cut it and gift boxes can get pricey, right? Then you´ll totally love this easy peasy DIY to create sweet TINY GIFT BOXES for free (which would also work for birthday gifts and such).


That´s a wrap (pun totally intended;) Which one would you try and how do you wrap your gifts? Let me know.



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  1. I wish I was good at wrapping presents, but I do a horrible job! I generally just put presents in a bag! These ideas are wonderful! Handpainted wrapping paper would be so pretty!