February Vibes | #29DaysOfBlogging


February Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

February was amazing and weird and exhausting and fun all at once. After a month of blogging, I needed a day to reflect and sort my thoughts. Yesterday, I pushed the pause button…


When I decided to join the #29DaysOfBlogging challenge, I knew I wanted to follow-through, which – and let´s be honest here – was always a problem of mine. Great ideas and plans in mind, but the execution lacked…


There was a day or two where I struggled and most likely hadn´t blogged at all but I did just for the sake of it and I don´t regret it one bit. I feel like I´ve opened much more on this slice of the web and while I intend to keep some kind of privacy, I did enjoy the conversations that resulted out of me being open towards you.


We talked about goals and how to live THE GOOD LIFE, lil sis turned EIGHTEEN, new BEAUTY finds I adore, the evergrowing TRAVELBOOK plans, a possible HOME makeover, an important chat on #WHOWILLYOUHELP and of course, FOOD.


The most suprising thing to learn for me was that actually you seemed to enjoy the blog posts that turned out the easiest and most fun writing. Sometimes, really less is more!


So before I am ready to dive into March, head first, let´s reminisce on February and #29DaysOfBlogging by browsing the chock-full archives. You, in?



What would you like to see more of here on spunkyrella? Any faves?




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