February Goals and Current Vibes


February Vibes I Spunkyrella

Hello there, February! Good to have you back. Is it just me or is February really the new January?!

I am always swamped at work when year’s close comes around, so January is usually a time for me that has me drinking all the ginger tea, getting all the sleep and hoping that the flu won’t catch my butt.

This season, it seems like I got that out the way before Christmas already and so the year started way smoother than usual. Still, February is my fresh start of the new year and since I loved being part of #29DaysOfBlogging last year so much, I decided to give it a go again starting today for #28DaysOfBlogging! You in?


Behind the scenes

First things first. For years I was on the brink whether to keep Spunkyrella a hobby of mine, an online diary if you will, or collaborate with brands I love already and purchase myself on a regular basis anyways. I always wanted to be a writer, a journalist, and I feel like with blogging this is exactly what I became in a way. I was always afraid to take the leap into self-employment, because well, what if I fail? Shit happens, as we all know and if I don’t trust in myself, honestly, who will?!


I bit the bureaucratic bullet and spent the first weeks of the new year explaining to fiscal officials what blogging entails. That was fun. Now, Spunkyrella is a legit business but nothing really will change for you as a reader instead of getting more valuable content, videos and more of good old me! And of course I still keep hustling at my full-time job and try to wear all the hats right now. This is exciting!


Last weekend, I decided to move my blog and domain to Siteground because I had major problems with my former hosting provider and for someone who is not a tech nerd, I must say, I really enjoyed doing so much of that all by myself, testing out new plugins to hopefully make the site better and faster. Yay, me.



My sister Stevie turns 19 in a few days and as an avid spunkyrella reader you know how much we love having brunch. So, I decided to start a blog series and matching hashtag and we plan to bring you with us on our culinary endeavours, maybe even vlog-style. Because what’s better than watching others eat delicious food? I edited the first two brunch posts for that matter (find them here) and can’t wait to flood your screens soon again.


Read all the books

Speaking of lil sis, I have a stash of books at home she wants me to read, uhm, since summer. They start to collect dust already, but what can I say, I really love my new Kindle Fire and read way more since having this little bud by my side. Still, I like to read so much more and my GoodReads list is growing almost daily as well. This month, I like to share my favorite reads as of late on my limey little friend and love to hear your suggestions as well. When it comes to books, there is no such thing as too much, right?!


Yoga with Adrienne – 30 Days of Yoga

Ah, who doesn’t love a challenge? Despite planning to try out new workout regimens, this month, I want to get my flexibility back and what better way is there than yoga?! I heard so many great things about Adrienne and her yoga videos are awesome. Want to be yoga buddies? It’s on, day 1!



What do you have planned this month?




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  1. Happy birthday to your sister…19 is such a great age, I had so much fun that year:) Anyway, totally agree about Adrienne’s yoga videos…They are really good and I’ve been doing them every single day….I feel so much stronger and balanced. Happy Wednesday, darling. Talk to you soon. xoxo

  2. Oh, nach Wien könnte ich auch mal wieder fahren. Und dann schaue ich mir deine ganzen Brunchtipps vorher an und esse mich durch Wien :)
    Freue mich schon auf deine ganzen Beiträge im Februar.

    Lieben Gruß | Barbara

  3. Ohh I love that you are back with us! Also love the yoga challenge – good luck with that. And I’m in awe that you actually signed your blog up as a business. Congratulations!