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Eighteen years ago, today, I woke up in the middle of the night because of some noise coming down the hallway. As I cautiously walked over to the living room, he was frantically searching for the phone. Her water broke.


A few hours later, you were born. Just like that. Still it would take four more days for us to meet since you were stuck for a little to long before you finally made it into this world, and they wanted to make sure your lungs were okay. They turned out to be fabulous and strong and thus four days later, we finally met for the very first time.


My memories of that very moment are blurred and not as vivid as I would hope for them to be but one thing I will always remember is the way it made me feel when they placed you in my arms for the very first time. The way your heart galloped hastily, your little body moving around since you didn´t want to be passed around to just another person. Little did you know. Little did we both know.


That moment, this tiny fragment of time, when your little hand brushed my face, when I finally got to hold you tight, you opened your eyes for only a split second to look into mine and we both knew. Our hearts instantly pounded to one beat, you took a deep breath, relaxed and felt save enough to let go and fall asleep. Just like that.


I knew right then and there that you would take the world by storm. That you won´t follow along but find your own path and grow up to become the amazing young woman you are today. Your drive to live your dreams, make your goals happen, plans to travel the world and the passion you invest in everything and everyone that´s lucky enough to be part of your life, never cease to amaze me.


Looking back today, it seems like the world paused for a second, that day nearly eighteen years ago, when I fell fully and irrevocably in love and my heart burst and from that moment on didn´t belong to me alone anymore.


These days people are quick to say, that I will never know what real love is until I would decide to have my own. One look at you and I can only nod and let them think what they want, because I know better. We know better. For eighteen years I have never loved someone as genuinely as I love you and I strongly doubt it is even possible to experience a love as pure and great than this.


Happy Birthday, lil sis!




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