Dont forget the Blue Sky – Headspace App


I am usually having a hard time to unwind and let go. My head is always buzzing, worrying and stressing me out. Last week I came across Headspace and thought I´ll give this free app a try. Ten minutes a day for ten days to find out how to feel happier, sleep better and beat stress is just what the doctor ordered.

A few days in, I can say it already helped me to just be in the moment and zone out the hustle and bustle surrounding me. I never managed to meditate regularly, I always dozed off and gave in pretty quickly. Not anymore.

Ten minutes a day are totally manageable even for the busiest among us. The easy way to handle the app and the cute illustrations don´t hurt either.

The guided meditation from Andy Puddicombe is utterly relaxing. His voice is smooth and I dig the British accent, too. I was surprised when I came across Andy´s story. He became a monk at 22 at a Tibetan monastery and returned to the UK ten years later to demystify meditation, to make it accessible, relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible.

The New York Times even said he is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done to food! Incredible, right?

So if you like to give it a try, you can download the free app here. I love the four short introduction videos and want to share my favorite with you – Blue Sky:

What do you think? Do you meditate? Do you have a hard time to relax?

(All images and video courtesy of Headspace. I am in no way affiliated.)


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  1. That looks and sounds brilliant. It’s totally for me since at times I have the hardest time relaxing. I do meditate every single day…I am totally going to check out Andy Puddicombe now. Excited, thanks lovely! xoxoxo

    1. Diana, it is right? I am the same and this really helped me and more importantly helped me to accept that it´s totally normal when the mind wanders and to not stress about that. I can only highly recommend it!