3 Lessons from Creative Mornings with Monika Kanokova


Creative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - Spunkyrella.comCreative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - Spunkyrella.comCreative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - Spunkyrella.com

Last Friday, I braved the cold Vienna weather and went out to attend my very first Creative Mornings get-together. I was especially curious about Monika Kanokova‘s speech about her career, her tips for freelancers and creatives alike as well as details for her new book.


Creative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - Spunkyrella.com

After writing down my thoughts and let them marinate for the weekend, I now want to share my personal highlights. I think these will not only benefit me as a writer and creative person, but you as well.


Don’t count on Plan A when there is a Plan B

One of the very first things Monika said, was that Plan A never worked for her. I can totally identify with that! She said, that in hindsight Plan B always turned out to be the way to go for her. And looking back, she isn’t even mad about it because there always seemed to be a reason why it worked that way. I loved that, don’t you?


There is no right way to approach something

Monika said, “just because you believe the way you do something is normal and is the right way, doesn’t mean it really is normal. It’s normal and right to you. Different people will approach situations differently and they might all be right.” So true, isn’t it? I think that’s especially a curse amongst like-minded women. One thinks there’s only one way to do something and judges her peers for taking a different route. Ah, what could we accomplish, if we’d grab the rope at the same ending?!


Be as loud as you can

When you know what you’re passionate about, don’t hold back. Be as loud as you can, tell everyone about it. Go swamp the internet and make yourself heard on social media until the people that are looking for you and not know it yet, will find you. Monika said, that career-wise, social media is the biggest gift that’s been given to our generation and that we should embrace it. I couldn’t agree more. For years, I was very proud of Spunkyrella and my intention behind it but I rarely told anyone because I didn’t want to bother people. If you want to be heard, if you want to move forward, it’s inevitable though to talk about your passion and spread the word. If you don’t, who will?


Creative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - SpunkyrellaCreative Mornings with Monika Kanokova - Spunkyrella

Creative Mornings is a world-wide project and most certainly also takes place in your city. Check it out and snag a ticket for the next event if you get to it or browse the website for amazing talks and join the community!


If freelancing in the creative field is totally up your alley, make sure to check out Monika Kanokova’s books This Year Will Be Different and My Creative Side Business. And maybe even think of joining her latest Kickstarter campaign for Work Trips & Road Trips: A Guide for Creative Freelancers.


I backed her latest two books and can only whole-heartedly recommend them to you (read why here)! Also make sure to join the #smartcreatives on social media for some inspiration and motivation ♥



(Photos by Spunkyrella, last two images courtesy of Monika Kanokova)



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