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Just in time for the weekend, I am here to tell you about your next favorite winter beverage. A hot cup of Cacao Andalùz is everything you need to cozy up at home and stay in. Trust me on this!


If you love hot chocolate or chai – who doesn‘t? – this will easily be your new go-to. But first, story time.


A Little Backstory

Last Winter, I was swamped up in work and had my fair share of a few shitty days in a row. That’s when my coworker Rose came up with the idea to get hot chocolates for us before we had to sit down for the next batch of files to work through. “Not the ordinary one”, she demanded and came up with the most delicious smelling concoction, made from her very own dark cocoa powder mix. I was smitten!


The How-To

There really is no typical recipe when it comes to Cacao Andalùz, she explained. It’s more of a learning-by-doing experience, which I want to pass on today.


Mix high quality dark chocolate powder (I like Valrhona) in a mason jar with added cinnamon powder, vanilla, a dash of pepper or crushed nigella seeds, turmeric, a dash of cardamom and a couple of cloves. Go easy on the latter but just try different mixtures until you find the mix you like best. I like heaps cinnamon always and don’t go easy on the turmeric either, but prefer only a dash of pepper. Bring the milk of your choice to a medium boil – we used a mix of almond milk and soy milk – and add four to five spoons per cup – or as many as you like, really. Enjoy!



It’s a hug from the inside ♥



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    1. Sara, I never saw it that way but you might be right that it´s hot chocolate and chai combined though it´s a different flavor – more cinnamon-y and clove-y :)