Spa Day Brunch At Oefferl Landstrasse

Brunch at Öfferl Landstrasse | The Menzini Files

Back in early December, my sister and I had a spa day planned with facials, walks with coffee on hand and good quality conversation. We were looking for a new brunch spot to start our day right. I have loved Oefferl (or Öfferl in German) and their sourdough bread for years and often frequented their shop in Wollzeile, but was excited when they opened this new location even closer to my neighboorhood.

Oefferl Landstrasse is located close to the Wien Mitte train and subway station – a five-minute-walk maybe. I am excited to see more restaurants opening in that area. Good brunch spots are hard to find in the 3rd district. I booked a table online for that Saturday morning, I was still hesitant going out to eat especially in winter and cold-and-flu-season. One concern that was immediately confirmed since the tables are so crowded.

Taking two or three of the smaller tables out would give people room to move and breathe. I understand that is probably a business decision and the designated space is not large to begin with, but I was literally rubbing elbows with the person next to me on a different table, where her brunch date was constantly coughing…

For everyone local, do you know why brunch spots are banning soy milk as of late? I never had a problem getting soy milk for my coffee pre-pandemic, but ever since oat milk often is the only alternative milk option which I don’t like. Sadly, Oefferl is also on the oat milk train, so I opted for tea instead.

Brunch at Öfferl Landstrasse | The Menzini Files
Brunch at Öfferl Landstrasse | The Menzini Files

I don’t know about you but I am a savory breakfast kind of girl! Eggs in whatever way are my usual go to and when I can, I usually opt for Eggs Benedict. I was looking forward to try their version. The bread of course was amazing – they use home-made brioche bread which works nicely – as was the organic ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The only thing I missed was a little greenery, the plate looked a little sad to me. Some salad greens on the side, rocket or herbs would have been nice to lighten up the sauce, give us some veggies and visually stunning as well.

Oefferl Landstrasse Menu

I love small, easy-to-digest menus that focus on regional and seasonal produce. Oefferl changes their menu with the seasons and offers savory and sweet dishes alike always highlighting their bread and pastries. I love the concept and quality that you can taste. Personally, I usually go for Eggs Benedict when offered, but I also like a typical Viennese breakfast or simple omelette with herbs. Not to forget their sweet dishes and pastries are crowd pleasers for a reason!

Brunch at Öfferl Landstrasse | The Menzini Files
Brunch at Öfferl Landstrasse | The Menzini Files

I will always be a devoted Oefferl sourdough groupie (the only bread that doesn’t upset my stomach!), for brunch or solo breakfast it might be interesting to try again on a less crowded weekday. On weekends it’s too noisy and cramped for my taste.

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