Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor

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since I got my Kindle Touch I am back on the bookish way of life.

I don’t know about you but I either read a couple of really great books in a row or nothing at all.

Besides a few health books (which I’m totally going to tell you about) there was nothing going on story-wise, I blame it on too much tv.

What else?

Then I came across Danielle’s blog with a rad summer reading list and one of her suggestions never really got out of my mind.

Yes, it’s the gem above and it was the first one I downloaded on my brand new Kindle. No regrets over here!

It’s called Signs of Life, a memoir by then 24-year-old Natalie Taylor. Newlywed, pregnant, and all-of-a-sudden a widow.

The book starts with her husband’s freak-accident and follows her emotional journey, her family, and her baby boy.

Natalie literally had to rebuild her life and figure out how this is going to work not only for herself but also for her son. There are a lot of tears and pain and struggle.

I truly admire this woman for being so bluntly honest and not afraid to tell it like it is in some really awkward situations.
It’s raw and painful to read at times but also surprisingly funny as you follow along her path.

I love that the reader gets a chance to accompany her at work, teaching English to Highschool students, and discussing the great books and writers in history. And the similarities she sometimes sees in a specific character and her very own chaotic life…

I leave it at this as I don’t want to give too much away but for the curious ones, check out her website and blog if you like.

– Would I read it again: Yes!
– Would I buy a copy for a friend: Yes!
– My favorite parts: the sweat pants, the fat baby :)


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  1. I love, love to read. My to-read list is near 400 books and it keeps growning. I have read 40-some books this year. I blame it on husband getting rid of the cable last year :)

    Thanks for the suggestion and the reading list, I am going to check it out.