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My birthday is less than a month away and as a true Gemini my wish list changes as often as the weather forecast.
Since my Hashimoto diagnosis and my body still adjusting to the medication, I can´t spend my birthday in New York which I originally planned to do. Still I am gonna party as it´s my birthday :)

1. I am thinking about cutting my hair since last year. I always loved having long hair but due to my hormonal health, my luscious bouncy waves went dull and brittle and I lost a lot of it which made me anxious to even wear it not in a bun. Since my thyroid is healing, my hairs texture changed for the better over the last two months which I am happy about but still I feel like it´s time for a change. What is it with women and hair?
This longer wavy bob with layers would be perfect. Not too short but short enough. I´d love to add an ombré feel to it or add some caramel-hued highlights to my naturally dark brown hair. What do you think?

2. I was browsing the internet for affordable triangle ear studs as a birthday gift to myself and I guess I just found the right ones from this Lisbon based designer. Now I only have to choose from the gorgeous color palette! Funny side note: the triangle is the symbol of change and I never liked it until very recently.

3. Pink lips are still on my mind and additionally to my recent love list, I came across Nars´ Funny Face semi-matte lipstick. If only I could get my hands on Nars products over here. Sigh.

4. There´s something about white frosted cakes that gets me these days. A (gluten-free) white Matcha Coconut Cake would be amazing as my birthday cake, don´t you think?

5. Blush peonies are my favorite flowers and they happen to be in season just around my birthday. Those pink ombré ones are lovely as well as long as I have plenty of them :)

6. I am eyeing a good coffee french press for a while now and I really like the impressive range Bodum offers these days. Do you have a french press and can recommend a specific one? I am looking for a simple and clean design, affordable, to use for hot and cold brew!

7. Getting my thyroid back to normal is my priority these days. And while researching the topic of autoimmune diseases, there was no way around the Paleo lifestyle. I am slowly tip-toeing into adapting a 80/20 lifestyle to gain more energy and be healthier. There is no way though I could live without rich dark chocolate, so The Paleo Chocolate Lovers´ Cookbook clearly needs to be mine.

What´s on your birthday wish list?

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  1. Happy almost birthday!! I definitely think you should go for the long bob! That haircut is so lovely and will be nice in the summer! Birthday presents to yourself are the best, so definitely get those earrings! So pretty!

  2. Love your whole list and happy almost birthday, sweetie. We use our French press almost every day and I can’t wait for peony season:) Have a jolly good day, lovely and talk to you soon. xo