Birth Chart Readings

Your Mercury is in Gemini and your Venus is in Aries, and isn’t the Moon and the Rising sign the same? What about the Sun sign again?

If you want to find out more about your birth chart (in English or German), I am happy to help. Over the past few years, I dived deep to study my very own birth chart, which then organically grew to readings for friends and family. Today it’s a passion of mine, that helped me get a better understanding of my personality in some regards – that typical “why am I that way”-thought is often an outcome of certain positions in your birth chart.

Offering my services right now, is only a natural development for me to help you when it comes to your very own self discovery!

What is a Birth Chart?

Your birth chart is as unique as you since it’s born the same minute as you are! All I need for a reading is your exact birth date, year, location (as in city/town, country) and the exact local birth time.

Birth chart readings are also great gifts for friends or for the new mother to get an idea about her newborn baby’s personality.

Couples Readings

Compatibility readings for couples are also possible, because it is really not about if your sun signs are compatible but more an issue of which planets rule your communication or relationship center. It’s fun to explore that!

Find Out More

If you like to learn more or have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note and let’s chat!