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We can’t crawl down the Spunkyrella archives and not talk about food, right?! And let me tell you I found some good stuff there from many years ago. It’s funny though. My taste sure changed over the years but I still don’t like to strictly follow a recipe. I am more a whip-up-as-you-go kinda girl and I almost always like the outcome of it. These archived gems seem perfect for the upcoming weekend. Cozied up on the couch with a hot cup or prepping a batch of homemade granola? I can see it happening, people!



Homemade Granola That Rocks

I love when I whip something up that ends up so delicious that it becomes one of my staples. This oat-free homemade granola is just the best evidence. So easy to make, delicious, healthy and budget-friendly. What’s not to love?   More here



A Hot Cup Of Cacao Andalùz

Three years ago my coworker surprised me with this heavenly hot beverage and I am hooked ever since. Think of it as hot chocolate on healthy steroids and you will be all in as well. Unless you don’t like some premium cocoa, but honestly, who are you people?!   More here



Relaxing Rosemary Green Tea Milk

Speaking of hot winter drinks, I guess you might like this one too. A sad little twig of rosemary is what inspired this take on a summer recipe and helped me through the aftermath of a root canal. Believe me when I say it’s the best to calm down. I have obviously done the unpleasant field work!   More here



The Easy Couscous Salad

I know Summer is still a mere months away but this recipe really works all year round. I recently added some red beets and it was incredibly delicious. Just give it a try if you have some leftover veggies around and love couscous. You won’t be disappointed!   More here




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  1. Der Couscous sieht wirklich lecker aus und der Kakao klingt richtig gut. Muss gleich mal schauen, ob ich alles dafür zuhause habe, hier ist nämlich gerade Regen und alles grau.