Behind The Print: KV Design Studio + a Giveaway


Welcome to another round of BEHIND THE PRINT. Today I´d like to introduce you to a former blogger, lovely artist and fellow coffee lover located in Salt Lake City.

Kristen Victoria is the mastermind of KV´s Design Studio and some of you might know her from her former, very popular, blog KV´s Confessions. Today we catch up with her on the making of the Love Machine and one lucky reader can snag one of her amazing prints!

WELCOME TO SPUNKYRELLA, Kristen! Would you tell us a bit about your artistic background. What led you to design unique artwork?
Hi everyone. Thanks for having me! Well, I have been an artist ever since I could draw on the walls as a toddler! I excelled in art classes growing up and focused on drawings and paintings. I eventually
studied Graphic Design and got to learn how to create vector images through Illustrator which opened up a lot of possibilities including starting an art print shop.

What was your initial inspiration to design the `Love Machine´ print?
Coffee of course! I can’t live without my coffee (who doesn’t?), so thought I should dedicate an art print to coffee lovers like myself.

Thank you for that! So how do you start? Please take us through the average process from the first draft to the finished drawing.
I always start by sketching my ideas with pencil and graph paper. For this one I actually pulled out a chair and sat in my kitchen staring at the lines of my own coffee maker. Once I have my sketch done I take a picture with my phone and send it to my email, then I bring that image into Illustrator and start tracing with the line tool to create the finished vector image.

You have a very distinctive way of drawing that really sets you apart from other artists. I love that you’re not afraid of being unapologetically girly in your art. Was it a long process to find your niche? Has it changed since you started out?
It’s interesting because I knew I wanted to build a niche with my art but I wasn’t sure what it would be when I started out. I get inspired by lots of artists and always feel this pressure to design within the trends, but when it comes down to it I just end up doing what I find to be beautiful. Artists evolve though, and since I’m just starting out I’m sure my processes, ideas, and inspiration will inevitably change.


You have since resigned from your popular blog KV´s Confessions, which was also one of my daily reads. You also designed other blogs which seemed to combine your passion for design and blogging. Do you have any plans to start blogging again or does your focus lie mainly on your art and design work now?
My focus now is being a full-time graphic designer. I’m being fulfilled creatively at my day job – finally! I don’t currently have any plans for continuing to blog through KV’s Confessions, but sometimes I wonder about starting up a new blog with a different focus, or the thought of writing a book of memoirs has crossed my mind… who knows! I do plan on putting more time into my Society6 shop and adding new art prints. It’s a good way for me to keep my creative spark alive without corporate direction.

Have you ever experienced negative reactions/comments concerning your work? And if so, does it bother you, do you react to it?
I haven’t experienced that kind of harsh critique with my art prints, but I do experience it at my day job from time to time. At first I took it personally, and I still tend to stress out now, but I’ve learned to not dwell. I only pay attention to critiques from those who matter. When I get frustrated I’ll go play ping pong with my co-workers; it’s an amazing way to blow off steam (yes, my work has a ping-pong table – it’s awesome)!

Lucky you! You chose to distribute your work via Society 6 which seems to be a popular choice to sell artwork these days. What are the benefits in your opinion?
It’s perfect for the lazy shop owner :) I considered Store Envy and Etsy but I wanted something that was going to do most of the work for me so I could focus on the art itself. I’m not business savvy, nor did I have the time to put into print production/shipping/customer service, plus Society6 had a wide range of products to print my art on, so it was the obvious choice for me. I take a hit on some of the commissions but overall it fits me and my lifestyle for the time being.

Do you have any plans to expand your brand, to start a personal shop maybe?
I think once I reach a point in my life where I have extra time, space, and energy to do it all on my own, I will. My biggest inspiration is Julie Ann Art – I would love to model my business after hers someday when the opportunity arises!

Do you have a favorite print by another artist you purchased or you wished that was your idea?
Kavan & Co. has the most amazing art prints on Society 6 – I love every item from his shop but this one is my most favorite.
Well, I guess that´s it for now. Anything else you´d like to tell our readers?
Spunkyrella readers, please leave comments with your favorite quotes, sayings, images – I love inspiration! Thank you!

Thank you Kristen, for taking us Behind the Print!

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>> GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader can win one Art Print Mini (8″x10″) from KV´s Design Studio of your choice! For a chance to win follow Spunkyrella via Bloglovin´ and visit KV´s Design Studioleave a comment below and let us know which is your favorite print in the shop. The giveaway is open worldwide.
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  1. All the prints are just adorable but I love the “Time to Blossom” print the best.

    I love quotes like “Get shit done” and “Bitches get shit done” the best. Inspiring in an unconventional way. Think it would be a great juxtaposition when combined with the femininity of KV’s designs.

  2. I love her prints! What a cool giveaway!
    I am with you on the Love Maching – would love to have it complete my coffee nook!