April Goals and Current Vibes


April Goals and Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

This post is coming to you straight from my couch where I just took a break from bingeing Big Little Lies (so good!) while curing a massive hangover (not what you think!). So what’s going on this month…


Going Whole 30

Yup, that’s the reason for my hangover. On April 1st, I started my Whole 30 and the start was nasty, I am not going to lie. Today, I already feel like a new human. It’s insane! I am keeping a diary and plan on sharing my weekly thoughts with you and the reason why I decided to finally do it. You in?


Spreading (Blog) Love

It’s funny sometimes when you complain about things but are not aware of ways to change them, isn’t it?! In my case, I decided to stop complaining about the non-existent blogger community here in Austria (at least I didn’t have an overall great experience) and give credit where credit is due. Since I started Spunkyrella, there has been amazing support since the very first day. Those ladies might not be close enough to meet for a quick coffee in the city but thanks to emails and social media, they never seem far away. So I decided to say Thank You and curate personal packages to ship out. Standing in line at the post office, about to ship packages to Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Brazil was mindblowing to me and also made me deeply grateful. I am lucky girl and feel blessed for this kick-ass international girl gang


Behind The Scenes

In my post about 5 Ways To Live More Intuitively, I talked about the importance of “Create before you consume” and that’s something I am still not very good at. I want to share moments and blog so much more but always fall into the social media rabbit hole and hours later I am flooded with information and thoughts and doubts and much rather snug up on the couch to read a book or watch TV. That has to stop and I am working on spending my time more usefully by not grabbing my phone when I am bored or just want to have a look because I know how that usually turns out… don’t you?


Gearing Up for the hive 2017

I am so excited I finally booked my trip to Berlin next month. I wanted to attend The Hive Gathering since 2015 and it never worked out. This year, I can’t wait to attend and meet new people, learn a lot and get a fresh perspective on things, I hope. I even added an extra day to stroll around Berlin, since I have never been there before. Any tips? Are you attending The Hive as well?



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  1. Wow Whole 30! I’ve always wanted to try doing that since I’ve heard such good things about it, but I don’t think I could do it until I live alone. My family tends to have delicious things around all the time haha! Good luck!

    1. I thought it would be very tempting to be around my usual food choices but I am honestly not right now. I’m only 10 days in, so maybe that time will come, but right now, I am really happy and I already feel better!